Automated Cryptocurrency Investment Platform

Dropil ICO is LIVE

ICO Price: $0.0050 per Drop Token

The ICO ends March 7th at 12PM (PST)

We're bringing autonomous investing to the cryptocurrency world.

Reduce Risk

Our software lets you choose your risk level, while minimizing  losses using our trading algorithm.

Steady Returns

Great and steady returns are what sets Dex apart in the market, there is nothing like it.


We've created intelligent trading for stress-free  returns without the need for constant input through complex logic. 

Powered by Humans & AI

With human oversight, our proprietary system called Dex utilizes Machine Learning and market analysis to make profitable investments.

Stress-Free Investing

Sit back and relax while Dropil makes safe and strategic decisions without the possibility of human error or emotion to interfere.

Auto Strategy Correction

Our platform features automatic logic swapping to ensure the best strategy for a given market is being utilized.

Withdraw Anytime

At Dropil we never lock your investments, you choose when you are ready to stop investing. Withdraw when you want.

No Fees & No Commissions

We don’t charge transaction fees, management fees or any fees period. As of right now our services are completely free. 

Investment Gains

We expect Drop tokens themselves to appreciate in value increasing your net returns further.  

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We invest your money into cryptocurrency through Drop tokens

Your money gets converted into Drop Tokens called Drops. Our intelligent systems Dex autonomously invests your Drops into different cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrency investing doesn't have to be a struggle.

Our system does the hard part for you. Dex system never sleeps, always keeping an eye on the market for you.


Purchase Drops with crypto.

Our system runs on Drop Tokens. You can purchase them using many supported cryptocurrencies. Create Account


Invest your Drops

Choose your risk level, then let our intelligent Dex system invest your Drops for you.


Auto reinvest or cash out

You are always in control of your returns: Cash out anytime or select to have your returns auto reinvested.

Learn more about Dropil

Read our WhitePaper and check out the Roadmap