newsWe're building an exchange called Zuhex as well as our own Blockchain

Our tools automate the world of cryptocurrency

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Autonomous Trading

Dex is a fully automatic crypto trading and management system

Personalized Trading

Use Jade to connect to your exchange accounts & personalize your automated crypto trading

Smart Wallet

A smart wallet with a unique set of features including recurring payments and remote account tracking

Signals & Analysis

Use Arthur to analyze the market, receive signal notifications and find arbitrage opportunities

Crypto Exchange

Securely trade your popular crypto assets on the most user friendly exchange in the world

Prediction Market

A full featured prediction market platform. Create or participate in predictions using free or live mode.

Powered by Drops

Drops function as a utility token. This ERC-20 DROP token powers every platform and product that makes up the Dropil System.


Crypto De-stressed

All of our products seek to remove stress and lower the entry to the world of crypto - let the automation do the heavy lifting for you.


Strong Community

Visit our Telegram community, it is a wealth of information with an active and strong support community so you will never be lost.


Withdraw Anytime

At Dropil we allow our users to do whatever they like with their Drops, we do not hold any of your Drops in any of our services.


Free to Use Software

We don't charge transaction or management fees, simply hold Drops to access and use our services.


Smarter Reporting

We believe in the power and value of information. We won’t waste your time with obscure analytics. This is why all of our products offer simple reporting that focuses on what’s important.


Company Insights

We are strong believers that transparency paves the road to success. See our Insights Dashboard to see company metrics.

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Obtain Drops on one of the supported exchanges, then use our tools by transferring them to your Dropil portal wallet.

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Buy Drops directly without exchange from your Dropil portal with crypto. See How

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Obtain Drops

You can obtain Drops through the exchanges Drops are offered at. See the supported exchanges here. Or buy them directly from your Dropil Portal


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Get started with Dropil's full suite of crypto tools - Dex, Arthur, Max, Jade, and more.  We are continuously developing new products and services powered by Drops.


Free to use Drops

You are always in control of your Drops, we do not place any locks or hold on them.  You can stop using our products and services at any time.

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