Convenience is Key

We love crypto – beautiful interfaces – and definitely convenience, which is why we are excited to announce a new, more simple way to buy Drops from third-party exchanges….. called Dropil Direct.

Skip the hustle and bustle, Drops delivered quickly to your door (portal wallet) without the hassle!  As we plan on rolling out many more services powered by Drops in the near future, we wanted to reduce overall friction in acquiring Drops, making all services easier to access.   The new Dropil Direct service – available only to non-U.S. residents – will allow eligible users to purchase Drops through this service from anywhere on the main site or within the portal directly, without having to bother with third-party sites, and with the purchased Drops ultimately deposited to your portal wallet.  To make things even more convenient, purchase order requests are processed quickly through the use of automation, and typically, the acquired Drops will arrive swiftly to your portal wallet once funds are confirmed!

The Benefits

This new service which streamlines the process of acquiring Drops will benefit both eligible users and the ecosystem as a whole.  Allowing eligible new users a super simple way to get into the platform and utilize Dropil services will increase future adoption, working directly towards our goal of making entry to crypto as simple and fun as possible, especially Dropil.  In addition to easing adoption of Dropil for eligible new users, Dropil Direct has the potential to increase the market volume and liquidity of Drops on third-party exchanges without requiring users to actually visit these exchanges. There will be a daily purchase limit of $5k USD equivalent and a monthly limit of $25k per eligible user for the Dropil Direct service.

How it Works

  • Click on get drops / deposit button inside any Dropil portal
  • Select the Dropil Direct tab of the deposit popup
  • Enter the amount of Drops you want to buy OR
    • Select currency to pay in and amount you want to deposit (BTC, ETH, USDC)
    • Corresponding amount will display
    • The approximate price per Drop being offered is calculated including all fees, and displayed
  • Drops will be sent to your portal wallet once confirmation of funds have been received and the acquired Drops become available
  • On the next screen you will be given a QR that includes exact amount and deposit address
    • You can scan to send from QR enabled wallets or platforms.
    • You can also copy and paste address and amount if you want by just clicking
  • You will see a timer start, if your transaction doesn’t show up on the network within an hour it is cancelled. The price being offered is subject to change if you start over.
  • Once your transaction shows up on the network and the required amount of confirmations are met, the Drops are deposited as soon as they become available. Dropil Direct’s automated system begins working after:
    • 2 confirmations for Bitcoin, or
    • 12 confirmations for Ethereum & USDC
  • On the same popup you will see a helpful snippet containing all your transaction info and current status


Dropil Direct is planned to launch on Thursday, March 21st at 4PM PST (Pacific Standard Time). We hope you enjoy this new way to buy Drops and as always thank you for all the support!

Note: Until further notice, US customers will neither be provided access to nor be able to participate in the Dropil Direct service