Arthur finds you the best arbitrage opportunities

arthur robot

Arthur monitors the coins and exchanges you select and then clearly displays their price differences


Gain on exchange to exchange transfer


Monitor Different Exchanges

We currently can monitor 13 different exchanges for price differences with no API or user account requirement. We are planning to add many more in the future.

Set Thresholds and Currencies

Use Arthur to monitor only the coins and exchanges you have, or select all of them to monitor all the possibilities. It's as easy as checking a few boxes in Arthur's settings. We currently offer reporting on 10 currencies and 13 exchanges.


Get Notified

Get notifications via email and Telegram when your indicated alert threshold is reached.


Future Premium Features

  • Customize Arthur alerts for each coin and exchange individually
  • Add Exchange API keys for automatic arbitraging
  • Text message arbitrage execution
  • SMS Notifications

Free for Drop holders

Free if you hold at least $50 worth of Drops in Dropil Platform