Arbitrage, Analysis & Signals

Arthur is your one-stop tool for arbitraging, Analysis, and signals for coins, markets, exchanges, and cash-in/cash-out opportunities.

arthur robot

See exchange gains

Easily view the best arbitrage opportunities, now with fee calculations included!


Gain on exchange to exchange transfer


Supports Complex Signals

Create custom complex signal conditions like monitoring multiple parameters simultaneously.  This feature allows you to tailor alerts to only be triggered when the market conditions are just right.

  • Monitor different parameters at the same time
  • See full history of your historical signals received

Optimal Cash in - Cash out path

User Arthur to quickly and easily determine the best cash-out or cash-in path for your portfolio. No more guessing or checking multiple exchanges for the best rate. instantly find the most profitable path.

  • Arthur shows the exact actions and conversions needed
  • Shows exact exchanges fees
  • Displays estimated total cash-out value

Monitor Different Exchanges

We currently monitor 16 different exchanges for price differences.  No API or user account requirement on your end. Additional exchanges being added all the time.


Set Thresholds and Currencies

Use Arthur to monitor only the coins and exchanges you hold in your portfolio, or select all to monitor the entire market. It's as easy as checking a few boxes in Arthur's settings. We currently offer reporting on 10 currencies and 16 exchanges.

Stay Notified

Get notifications via email and Telegram when your custom alerts are triggered.

Future Premium Features

  • Add Exchange API keys for automatic arbitrage
  • Text message arbitrage execution
  • SMS Notifications

Free for everyone

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