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Dex Overview

What is it and how does it work? One of the core services that Dropil offers is the automated smart...
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Dex Deposits & Payouts

When profits are realized while using Dex, Drop tokens are deposited into your portal wallet or can be transferred into...
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Dex Risk Levels

Dex has 3 different risk level options: Safe, Moderate and Aggressive. Every period (15 Days), you can switch to a...
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What is Dex? Dex is the name of our automated trading system, while Dex may often be referred to as...
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Dex First Time Setup

Once you have Drops in your account, you now have the ability to utilize all of our tools that run...
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How to Setup Dex Assistant

What is Dex Assistant? Dex assistant is a bot that connects you directly to your account on the Dex platform. ...
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