Dropil Brand Guidelines

How to use this page

The Dropil brand includes the Dropil name, logo, graphics, colors, etc. Follow the guidelines on this page when creating Dropil related content or using the Dropil brand for marketing purposes.

Dark Night

Dark Grey

Light Blue

Light Grey

Dark Blue


Brand Colors

The Dropil color scheme features 5 colors: Dark Night and Dark Blue is used for headers. Light Blue is an optional sub header color as well as an accent color. Dark Gray is used for backgrounds. Light gray is used for body text as well as an accent color. White is used in background spaces

Use these colors for any Dropil flyers, ads, or other company materials. Colors should be used as intended (Dark Blue headers, Light Grey Text, etc.). Lighter shades of Light Grey is allowed.
Do not use slight variations of these colors. Do not use completely different colors. Do not swap color purposes (e.g., no green headers).

Logo Usage

Dropil White Logo
Use solid white logo on dark
backgrounds, or photo backgrounds
Do not use black or color logo for dark backgrounds 
Dropil - black logo
Use solid black logo on light colored backgrounds. 
Do not use the black logo on busy or low contrast backgrounds.
Dropil - Color Logo
Use color logo ONLY on white backgrounds.
Do not change the color of “Dropil” logotype
Symbol example

It’s ok to separate the symbol and change colors of it


Don’t separate the symbol and logotype and then use them together. Don’t change the color of the symbol without changing the logotype.


Minimum 33% of logo width padding is required on all sides


Don’t change logotype font or proportions.
Do not cut, adjust, rotate, flip, reflect, or manipulate the logo.

Size and Proportions

The Dropil logo consists of the black text in Comfortaa font and a "Drop" symbol on a white background. When using the logo ensure at least 33% of padding all around. Only use the 300DPI version of the logo for print.

Dropil Name

Dropil name should always be capitalized. Do not use the logo or logo font within a sentence. Dropil Tokens can be referred to as DROP / DROPS (All capitals) or Drop Token.


Font: Tiempos Headline
Font Size: 50px
Colors: White, Dark Blue, Black


Font: Lato Italic
Font Size: 20px
Colors: White, Dark Blue, Black


Font: Tiempos Headline
Font Size: 30px, 20px
Colors: White, Dark Blue, Black


Font: Lato Regular (400)
Font Size: 30px, 20px
Colors: White, Dark Blue, Black
Line Spacing: 23pt

Fonts Usage

All headers should be done in Tiempos Headline font. If that font is not available the next acceptable font is a Google Font: IBM Plex Serif Bold. If that is also not available use Times New Roman. For body font and subtitle font use Lato and the variations of it where needed.


All headline fonts should use either Dark Blue or Dark Night color on white background. On dark color or picture backgrounds use white color for fonts. Use Light Grey color for white backgrounds for Body fonts


Marketing Guidelines

Our brand is represented with a clean design. Simplify your designs to the most basic concept.

Our brand is represented with clean design. Simplify your designs to the most basic concept.
Avoid busy backgrounds and a lot of text.


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