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Dex 3.Ohhhhh Yes!

As our currently most used service, we always make sure to keep the Dex platform top of mind when making improvements and we are excited to be rolling out Dex 3.0 so quickly on the heels of the massive Dex 2.0 overhaul. Proving you can always make great better, the next Dex sports a number of new features and a complete redesign including both dark & light themed designs.

Without further ado, let’s dive into some of the highlights of the Dex 3.0 update. Not all updates are featured in this article, but we are certain our users will enjoy all of the enhanced or completely new features in the full release of Dex 3.0.

Split Pool Distribution

One of the changes we are most excited about and has been a long-anticipated feature by our users is split pool distribution. With the release of Dex 3.0, users will be able to split the funds of a single Dex profile across multiple pools/strategies in any allocation that they want. For example, a user may have 50% of their funds in aggressive, and 25% of their funds in safe and 25% in moderate or any other combination.

Easily allocate portions of your deposit into different pools using intuitive sliders or radio buttons

New Setup Wizard

We wanted to give users more control over how they managed their Dex, but didn’t want to make it complicated or a hassle to setup for new users. To meet all these demands, we are releasing a new setup wizard that will walk you through a few easy steps to get Dex setup just the way you want.

Preview of the deposit step of the new setup wizard

Enhanced Graphs

We spent a lot of time thinking of ways to improve upon and enhance the current graphs that we offer inside the Dex portal. With the release of Dex 3.0, you will now be able to view the performance of all pools within the same graph. Simply click on any of the labels (Safe, Moderate, Aggressive) to show or hide that specific dataset. Quick action buttons located in the top right corner will allow you to enhance your graph viewing experience. Refresh the currently displayed graph by clicking the refresh button, or expand the graph to full-screen mode by clicking the expand button (desktop version only).

Enhanced graphs allow you to view all pool statistics at the same time

End of Cycle Email Notifications

We want it to be easy for you to know how Dex is doing, this is why we are implementing an option for automated end of cycle email and/or Telegram notifications. Get an in-depth overview of your cycle performance and all the sweet statistics related to your Dex profile and payout for that period.

Click below for a preview of the new email template for Dex payout notifications. Numbers displayed are only examples and are not representative of actual or expected values.
Email notification and performance summary upon period completion

Enhanced Dex History

You wanted more insight, you got it! Dex now offers pop-into details by clicking any item in the Dex history section. View all the details of your original Dex setup, deposited Drops, scheduled deposits, withdrawn Drops, and Dex payouts in an organized manner. Click any of the 5 popups below to view the full-sized image.

Dex transactions overview now features enhanced details
Transaction details of Dex deposit give a detailed break down
Scheduled Deposit
Dex Withdrawal now shows how each pool changed
Dex Payout Example

Multi-currency Support

In the spirit of customizing your Dex portal further we have added the option to change the displayed currency as well. Simply select the desired currency using the drop-down menu located in the header of the Dex portal.

Fund Categories

Many users have requested that they have the ability to manage a friend or family members funds. We understand that with the introduction of TruID KYC, it became more difficult for users to do this. With that being said, we are introducing “Fund Categories,” the tool that will allow you to track/manage various portions of funds for better tracking. Use cases span from tracking vacation funds, kids college funds, managing a family members funds, and much more. Simply allocate a percent of your Dex portfolio to a fund category and track the stats for that fund in a simple popup.

Preview of the fund categories popup
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