Autonomous Trading

DEX System

Dex is our intelligent trading system that will trade your Drops according to smart trading strategies. It is designed to make trades based on learning algorithms developed in-house to net you the best possible profit and minimize the risk.

Dex Robot

How Dex works

Dex System consists of Risk Pools, Logic Servers and Bot Systems.

Together they are controlled by a unified Control Center center that swaps logic in real time.

Risk pools@2x
Logic servers and bots

Risk Pools

Dex uses a pooling approach for each logic server stack, this means that all users of a like mode, or risk type, contribute to and receive returns from that mode’s pool. Users can either join the safe, moderate or aggressive pool.

Logic Servers

Each risk mode uses different switching logic servers. This allows for automatically switching to a different set of strategies in reaction to market changes.  The modes of the individual instances operate independently of each other with no cross communication.


Bot Systems

Each instance of the bot system trades only one pair, on one exchange, on one account at a time. Each instance is independent, however, multiple numbers of instances, structures, and logic are always running and this overall strategy is set using the main Control Center.

Control Center

Control Center is constantly monitored and managed by human oversight to ensure the best possible overall portfolio performance and diversification.


Safety Nets

Dex System has a number of safety nets in place to prevent loss. If the Control Center is not sure what’s going on it halts the trading and alerts our monitoring team.



Dex System is constantly calculating and automatically updating itself based on new trading data. This provides successful trades no matter what the market is doing.


Low volume trading

Dex has a number of safety nets in place (both human and autonomous) to ensure it smartly locks in optimum profit while minimizing risk.

Under the Hood Transparency

We believe that transparency breeds success. That’s why we provide a public view of our company analytics. From Dropil company statistics to Dex pool performances and market statistics.

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