Drop Token

Drop is a digital token which powers every aspect of our Dropil products and services.

Token Features

Fast Transactions

Sending Drop tokens to another compatible wallet is quick and easy thanks to the Ethereum blockchain.


Drop tokens are secure, transactions are publicly recorded and trackable using tools like Etherscan.


The Drop token is a digital asset administered by a smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain. Learn more about ERC20 tokens.

Capped Supply

The total supply of Drops is fixed to prevent deflation.  No more tokens will ever be created.

How are Drop Tokens Used?

Jade Personalized Trading

Jade puts you in control. Customizable automatic trading on your own exchange accounts.

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Arthur Analysis Signals

Arthur lets you find arbitrage opportunities as well as analyze and monitor the market for changes. No API keys are required.

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Max Wallet

Drops will power many of the breakthrough smart features of our Max smart wallet by allowing you to create and manage your crypto assets.

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Seer Predictions

Seer is a full-featured prediction market platform allowing you to create or participate in predictions for free or utilizing drops.

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Holding & Using

Hold or use Drops on our products or services.  We have developed an ecosystem of products and services that utilize Drops on our platform.

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