“Excellent firms don’t believe in excellence – only in constant improvement and constant change.”
– Tom Peters

Dropil’s Biggest Update Yet

Since inception, the driving principle of Dropil has been to deliver a product to our users that they LOVE.  There is an endless supply of products that look great, provide value, are easy to use, or offer great customer support, but we here at Dropil want something to deliver on ALL these fronts and even then still look to constantly grow and improve our offerings, delivering our supporters something to truly love.

The next evolution of Dex is here, proving great can always be better and that there is no place for stagnation in the emerging crypto space. Along with the launch of Dex 3.0 and general ecosystem upgrades, we will also be releasing Dropil Home, all of which will bring many new features from enhanced security to improved portfolio management to you in an even better looking and functioning package.

These aren’t simply small tweaks that have been made to the system, this is a serious upgrade, and we are pleased to offer these new features free to all users for life regardless of what level of account you currently have.  So without further ado let’s dive deeper into each of the upgrades being brought to the platform. Navigate to any of the articles regarding this update by clicking the links below.

Dropil Home In-Depth Look

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Dropil Ecosystem Upgrades

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Dex 3.Ohhhh Yes!

Click here for a full article detailing the massive update of Dex.

All of these updates will be brought to you very soon. Beta testing of these changes will be starting in the next few days. Following the completion of beta testing, we will prepare for the official launch. The maintenance downtime for these upgrades is estimated to take up to 24 hours and the date the maintenance will be taking place will be announced at the conclusion of the beta test period far in advance.