For a limited time, tell a friend about Dropil and you both get $5!*

Help us spread Dropil’s message to every corner of the crypto world.

Dropil has an exceptionally strong user community, and we want to reward you for sharing your
love of Dropil with your friends.  Tell a friend about Dropil using your invite link and you will both receive a $5 credit following the sign up and minimum deposit made by a new user following your link.  This is just one of the many new initiatives to spread awareness for Dropil and help this community continue to grow, we look forward to all your support!

Find your invite link here: Invites

Fine print*: (boring stuff…or interesting stuff, depends on your personality)

When someone follows your link, signs up, and then makes the minimum ($50 equivalent in Drops) deposit to the Dex platform you will both get a $5 credit applied.  Both users will see the bonus reflected in separate areas immediately, however it is only actualized and available following the first 15 day cycle of the new user’s Dex deposit.

The legacy user will see the bonus amount under the “Invites” section on their dashboard along with a date for the 15-day cycle for each invite.  Following the 15 days the legacy user will be able to send their bonus anywhere they want, Dex, internal, or external wallet.  The newly invited user will have the $5 added to their balance upon the completion of the first 15 day Dex cycle.