Bringing the Heat to Cold Storage

The team here at Dropil is constantly working on improving the mainstream accessibility and utility of cryptocurrency across the board. What better way to do that than a product that does not require the recipient to log into any complicated portal, or even touch a computer? With Dropil Paper, we have taken one of the most secure forms of asset storage and made it better looking and more simple to use or gift. This fun, value-added product allows users to design their own paper wallets and introduce others to crypto for free with ease. Dropil Paper allows users to create new wallets for select currencies and can also be used to store virtually ANY user provided private and public keys, thus giving Dropil Paper a universal feel. Additionally, the optional ability to securely store wallets with end-to-end encryption inside a Dropil user account ensures easy access and re-usability.

Dropil Paper Features

  •       User customized printable templates
  •       Store any currency in the wallet (Create wallets for select currencies)
  •       A convenient way to print and store private keys in non-digital space (cold storage)
  •       Buy, print, and gift someone Drops or any other cryptocurrency
  •       Print and share your unique Paper ID to get paid or tipped faster
  •       Save wallets on your Dropil account securely for easy access and download
  •       Check wallet balances of stored wallets for supported currencies


Create a Paper Wallet for Any Cryptocurrency

In just five easy steps, users can generate, print, and save a custom designed paper wallets that are perfect for storing or gifting.

1. Select a Robot: Users get started by choosing their favorite Dropil robot

2. Select a Design: Select from various single or multi-currency layouts and between public or private use

3. Select a Currency: Auto-generate for select currencies or define a non-default currency by entering an amount for each currency

4. Review Public & Private Keys: Auto-generated keys are displayed or a user may manually add public or private keys

5. Finished: Users can download, print, or securely save in their Dropil Paper vault

When users generate their wallet, it compiles all the steps to create a unique paper wallet.  Users can create and save as many wallets as they want for free. When users save their Paper wallets in their Dropil account, the system keeps a history for future reference and easy access.


Paper Security

As always, security of our users and their digital assets remains a chief priority for Dropil. Cold storage has long been known as one of the most secure forms of wallet storage and we are pleased to make this option easily available to the community. Along with traditional methods of cold storage management, we also offer Paper users the option of securing their keys digitally for convenience via your Dropil account protected by Two-Factor-Authentication and secure end-to-end encryption for later download.

For more information about the Dropil Paper Wallet Security:


Introduce Someone to Their First Crypto Asset

Dropil Paper offers a fun and easy way to introduce someone new to the crypto space. Similar to giving someone a gift card, users can create a wallet and gift it to anyone, removing much of the initial intimidation of the perceived complicated nature of crypto with a tangible physical item.

True to its mission, Dropil is pleased to offer another product that makes navigating the Crypto world fun, beautiful, intuitive, and secure. Dropil Paper is not restricted to only the DROP token, but may be used with any currency you want to store or gift.


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