Dropil launches Dropil Home, the dashboard linking all products in a central location, and introduces a throwback with the new Dropil Paper wallet.

Dropil Home

With so many products to enjoy, Dropil has made it easier for users to take advantage of all its products by creating a central login where users can access all of the Dropil services (Dex, Max, Arthur, Insights, Paper, and future services). With a single login point, users can access all other Dropil links until the session expires, making it easier to interact with multiple aspects of the ever-growing line of Dropil services.

Dropil knows change can be hard, but Dropil gives users a choice: navigate various Dropil services from the central dashboard or users can continue going directly to product links. While change can be hard, it also lays the groundwork for what could be coming next to the ecosystem.

Dropil Paper

Dropil is on the cutting edge of developments in Crypto and promises to offer a little bit more.  Here is that little bit extra, a throwback to the days before digital, introducing Dropil Paper. This fun, value-added product allows users to design their own Paper wallets and introduce others to crypto.  Paper allows users to auto-generate private and public keys for select currencies, and can also be used to store any user provided private and public keys, all while being securely stored with end-to-end encryption.

Dropil Paper Features

  •       Customizable Paper templates
  •       Load any currency into the wallet (Auto-generate Select Currencies)
  •       A convenient way to print and store private keys in non-digital space (cold storage)
  •       Buy, print, and gift someone Drops or any other cryptocurrency
  •       Print and share your unique Paper ID to get paid or tipped faster
  •       Save wallets on your Dropil account securely for easy access and download
  •       View wallet information on the My Wallets page such as user stored public and private keys

In just five easy steps, users can generate and print custom designed paper wallets that are perfect for storing or gifting.

  1.    Select Character: Users get started with choosing their favorite Dropil character
  2.    Wallet Design: Select from various single or multi-currency layouts and between public / private use

  1.    Digital Currency: Auto-generate for select currencies or define a non-default currency and enter the amount for each currency
  2.    Wallet Type: Auto-generated keys are displayed or user may manually add public and private keys
  3.    Generate: Users can download, print, or save securely in their Dropil Paper vault

When users generate their wallet, it compiles all the steps to create a unique paper wallet.  Users can create and save as many wallets as they want for free. When users save their Paper wallets in their Dropil account, the system keeps a history for future reference and easy access.

Paper Security

One of Dropil’s top priorities is security.  Dropil Paper offers ways of digitally securing your assets, and now Dropil Paper offers security at the opposite end of the spectrum.  It’s a fun non-digital way of designing and storing private keys in a physical space of your choice. Paper users select one of the templates to customize a unique wallet that can be printed or saved to Dropil Paper via secure encryption for later download with 2FA.

Introduce Someone to their First Crypto Asset

Dropil Paper gives crypto fans a fun and easy way to bring someone new into the crypto space. Like giving someone a gift card, users can create a wallet and give it to anyone as a gift. Often people are scared away from digital assets because they can’t hold it, well now they can.

Keeping true to itself, Dropil has created another product that makes navigating the Crypto world fun, easy, and secure.  Dropil Paper is not restricted to use with only Dropil, use any currency you want to store and gift crypto assets.

A new central login and a fun new paper wallet brings Dropil users more. Dropil’s network of products and services continues to make crypto easy but is still taking the time to add features that are fun, not just essential.

We are also looking into ways to bring you Dropil Paper directly to your hands through manufacturing partnerships. However, we do not have an estimated date of completion for this.

The Dropil Paper wallet will be coming very soon and Dropil Home will be rolling out within the next few weeks/months.

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