Earn Drops

Promote Dropil and earn drops

Use our promotion platform to promote Dropil. Complete tasks and earn Drops!


Easy Task Completion

The premise is simple, get paid for doing some of our marketing work. All done in 3 easy steps


Choose Prediction

Select a prediction from any list to participate in, or create your own


Back your prediction

Select amount of Drops to back prediction


Wait for Result

Winners will be determined following the completion date of prediction


Track your performance

We have a full featured dashboard that allows you to easily track your submissions and progress. Easily see status of your tasks as well as earning potential.

  • See the amount you can get rewarded
  • Track your progress and earnings
  • Compare progress against others with leaderboard

More ways to earn

You Get You Referred Friend Condition
$5 $5 Get it upon end of first Dex cycle
$5 - When your refered friend spends their first $5 in Seer
- 10% off All premium options that Dropil offers
10% _ From payment amount, When your referred friend makes, a payment to Dropil
1% _ From ticket price, when your referred friend buys a lottery ticket
1% _ From lottery pool, when your referred friend wins a lottery ticket