A System Called Dex

Autonomous Trading

Dex Robot

Dex is our intelligent trading system that will invest your Drops according to smart trading strategies. It is designed to make trades based on deep learning dynamic algorithms developed in-house to net you the best possible profit.


Reliable in falling and rising markets

Our team has perfected Dex's deep learning algorithm over the last year to automatically scale and swap strategy according to the live trading market on any exchange for any cryptocurrency. Dex System is constantly calculating and automatically updating itself based on new trading data.



Dex has a number of safety nets in place to ensure it smartly locks in optimum profit while minimizing risk. A single bot, trading a single currency, would never be able to guarantee profitability. Due to substantial diversification across platforms, Dex System is able to consistently profit despite market sentiment or movements.

Investment Protection

Dex System pools the investments together based on your risk. Even in the most volatile markets, your investments are protected.


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