What is Jade?

For those who are unfamiliar, Jade is an automated algorithmic trading platform built upon unprecedented ease of logic management and statistical digestion. Simply put – we have taken our substantial expertise from running the Dex platform and made managing your own crypto trading bot – from directly within your personal exchange account – as simple, transparent, and effective as possible for all levels of experience from new to seasoned traders.

When Jade?

Upon opening a waitlist for Jade we sold out in just a few short days, and those users can expect to have full access to Jade as soon as the beta testing community trial run (which is currently underway) concludes. Jade will then be opened up to the general public following the first wave users.

Jade is Free

We have some exciting new introductory Jade benefits for everyone and even more for Dropil holders. Anyone will be able to try Jade for free. Simply by signing up, you are given access to Jade and able to manage up to $500 worth of tradable assets for free, with no time constraint. We are working to build awareness of the Dropil platform and all its included products and features.

Drop Holder Incentive for Jade

For those who are Drop holders, we are offering even more Jade benefits, for every $500 worth of Drops held somewhere on the platform you may have up to $1,000 total free tradable funds limits. Drops can be anywhere they are visible to the platform including Dex or Max, for example, if you have $500 worth of Drops in Max and $1,000 worth in Dex your Jade will be able to trade up to $3,000 worth of assets for free without paying additional subscription fees. There is currently no limit to the amount you can have Jade trade for free. Users utilizing Jade for free will only be able to have one active bot at a time, unless they hold a minimum of $2,500 in Drops which will unlock a maximum of 3 active bots instead of 1 bot. For more details see boring fine print at the bottom of this announcement.

Jade Subscriptions

Jade will be offered in a number of Tiers – Free, Single, Multi, and Ultimate. All free tier Jade accounts may store as many bot configurations as you want, however, you are only able to run one individual bot at a time. If you wish to trade over $500 in assets you must hold more drops or move to the next Tier on the Jade subscription plan. If you wish to have more than one active bot on the free tier, then you must hold at least $2,500 in Drops to unlock up to 3 active bots.

Single tier allows you to trade unlimited funds with one bot at a time, with no requirement to hold any Drops. Multi carries the same benefits but allows you to run up to five bots simultaneously, whereas ultimate ups the number of bots running to 1,000 at a time maximum (basically unlimited). Both the multi and the unlimited plans allow you to run bots on multiple exchanges at the same time.


We are excited for more users to get their hands on Jade and join the Dropil community, bringing you the best possible solutions and tools is always our number one priority.  The Dropil teams want to give a special thanks to those users that sold out the waitlist so quickly for your continued support.

By using the Jade service, users acknowledge that Dropil is neither entitled to gains nor responsible for losses of any kind relating to a user’s exchange account. Past performance is not a guarantee of future results, for any time period. Trading in cryptocurrencies entails an elevated degree of risk due to volatility, limited liquidity and other factors, and is therefore not suitable for everyone. Specifically, a third-party exchange such as Binance may, with little or no warning, cause to delist from its exchange one or more digital currencies (as was recently the case with BCHSV), which may result in sudden and unanticipated trading losses to Jade users.  You should consider your financial situation, investment objectives and risk profile in deciding whether and how much to fund an exchange account, and further, whether to use the Jade. By making available the Jade service Dropil is not providing financial advice, but rather, licensing software to users which may in turn be customized according to each user’s preference.
Dropil has the right to disable one or more of your Jade bots at any time. Specifically, Jade users that have achieved premium access to Jade by holding Drops within the Dropil Site and subsequently decrease or eliminate their Drops holdings on the Dropil Site may have their bots disabled. Access and managed amount rewards are based upon approximate USD values, Dropil maintains the right to a final say on exchange rates for all such amounts.  In the case of assets value based against USD growing defaultly, no penalty or stops will be implemented, however in the case of a bot restart calculations will be re-made on amount of assets able to be managed under the promotional reward structure. Likewise, subscribers may have one or more bots disabled for failure to make prompt payment of subscription fees. In the event that a user’s bot is disabled, a user’s positions will be left open and no additional trades will be made with Jade until the bot is reactivated. Upon either the withdrawal of Drops from the Dropil Site or the failure to pay subscription fees in a timely manner, the user will be notified via email warning that if within 3 days either Drops are not deposited into the Dropil Site or the subscription fees are not paid, as applicable, that one or more bots will be disabled.
It is important to note that no system or methodology has ever been developed that can guarantee profits or ensure freedom from losses. No representation or implication is being made that using the Jade service will guarantee profits or ensures freedom from losses. Dropil shall not be liable to the participant for any damages, claims, expenses or losses of any kind (whether direct or indirect) suffered by Jade users arising from or in connection with the information obtained from our videos, guides, tutorials, software, or directly from the Dropil Site. Please refer to the Dropil Terms of Service for the complete disclosure relating to any use of the Jade service.