Jade Waitlist is Here!

Jade is coming, and you can secure your place in line Friday! Jade is a premium trading service that puts you in control and trades on your personal exchange accounts. The beauty of trading on your own exchange account is the ultimate level of control and visibility it offers.

Limited Slots

As offering Jade in a way that runs on personal accounts requires a substantial volume of API calls, we will be rolling out the service to a limited number of users and scale up our capacity over time. This first wave release will be limited to 1,000 monthly users and offered based on a user’s place in line. Users purchasing a yearly plan are guaranteed a slot on Jade’s official launch date and will not be counted towards the 1,000 total monthly slots.

How to Join

In order to join the waitlist, you must make a deposit in Drops to hold your position. The deposit is equal to the cost of the selected subscription. The subscription pricing and what is offered in each plan will be available when the waitlist launches. For those of you that want to be assured you have enough Drops to make your deposit, the highest priced plan during the launch of the waitlist will not exceed a $99 monthly USD value.

There will be three available plans. Users may select between monthly and yearly subscriptions – the yearly subscription receives a discount equivalent to two months free (17% discount).

Waitlist positions can be cancelled at any time. Cancelled waitlist positions will result in a full refund of all Drops on hold for the waitlist position. Users that cancel their position and wish to re-join will need to make a new deposit and will be placed at the back of the line again.

When and Where?

The waitlist will be officially open for enrollment on Friday, March 8th, at 12 PM PST (UTC-8). Once live, you will be able to join the waitlist by navigating to the Jade portal (https://jade.dropil.com). The Jade portal will be unavailable until the waitlist launches.

Learn more about what Jade offers by clicking here.