Personalized Trading

Jade puts you in control. Customizable automatic trading on your own exchange accounts.


Trades on your personal exchange account

Connect Jade directly to your exchange account via secure API and watch the trades happen real time according to your set parameters. Jade will launch with Bitfinex and Binance support with more exchanges to follow.

  • Compatible with API security options in place
  • No withdraw access
  • Fully customizable

Granule Diversification Control

Large variety of options of pairings and eligible tradable assets including BTC, ETH, and USDT as pair bases.

  • Live time adjustments
  • 20+ coins available to trade



Quickly adjust overall logic

Select from different logic options to suit your trading style and risk.


Safety at your fingertips

Safety nets prevent loss. Have Jade stop trading when specifc events occur.


The reporting you need!

Easy to read in depth details for current settings, trades, and historical account performance.

  • See pending orders
  • Cancel pending orders

Start Trading Today!

 Start using Jade today, create a free account. Follow us on telegram for the latest development