Smart Wallet

Max is a coin storage wallet that lets you track your portfolio from different sources. Auto-sync and monitor different token addresses and much more!

Max robot

Auto-populate your portfolio

Automatically populate your portfolio by giving your wallet address. We will scan your address and sync all your transactions from the blockchain.

  • Auto-sync transactions from a provided address
  • Keep portfolio updated with sync



Supports Complex Signals

With Max you can either store your coins or you can store somewhere else and have Max track your coins based on the address. You can even add transactions manually.

Store your assets with Max
Track remote addresses
Or enter transactions manually

Monitor remote addresses

Monitor any address on a supported currency and receive Telegram or Email alerts when events occur.  Want to know when your favorite charity receives a donation? Now you can.


Security Options

Want to hold your own keys? No problem, we provide numerous options for key handling including support for hardware wallets.

  • We can store your private keys end-to-end encrypted
  • Option to store keys yourself
  • Use hardware wallets like Trezor or Ledger
  • Third party system-wide security audits

Recurring payments

Set up recurring payments with your wallet and send coins at specified time intervals to an address of choice. Stop payments when your specified conditions are met.

Wide Coin Support, Labels and More...

Our plan is to eventually support any crypto asset that’s on Coin Market Cap. If it’s there you can track it with Max. Having trouble keeping track of all the addresses? Assign them unique names with an address book.

  • Eventual support for all CoinMarket Cap currencies
  • Assign easy to remember names to addresses
  • Choose your own network fee for sending coins
  • Support for multiple coin profiles and addresses for each

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