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The community has spoken and we have listened!  Dropil could not be happier at the success and adoption of Dex, however, we also know there is a market for trading software that offers more visibility and control to the individual user.  Introducing the “Jade” trading software – Jade is all about control! For the first time we are offering access to a suite of custom trading bots that will run on a user’s personal exchange accounts.  In typical Dropil fashion there has been an emphasis on making the system as easy to setup and use as possible while still delivering best in class functionality. This includes access to a proprietary Jade dashboard in addition to the ability to watch all trades real time on your connected exchange account.  The ability to run Jade as a ‘set it and forget it’ bot is there, but the real beauty of Jade past the ultimate transparency is the option for the user to also control aspects of its behavior.

How do I get started?

There will be a paid waiting list where users can make a 100% refundable deposit of $100 in Drops and be put on a list in which they will be invited to use Jade in the order they signed up.

Users will also have the option to opt into a free waiting list from which we will notify users via email and/or an internal notification system when there are excess spots available (meaning the paid waiting list is empty and there are extra spots).

How does it work?

Once a user has been approved to use Jade they will be able to navigate to the Jade user portal within the Dropil ecosystem and begin setup.  To continue, you will need an account at one of the eligible exchanges with a recommended minimum of $500 available in tradeable currency of your choosing.  For initial release, Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Tether (USDT) will be available funding options for Jade to trade. The convenient setup wizard will walk you through setting up Jade via API on your personal exchange account as well as your trading strategy and settings.  There will be both assisted simple setup and advanced trading logic options, all of which can be changed at any time. Currently, Jade is setup to allow diversified trading across dozens of cryptocurrencies, however more will be added in the future and of course the ability to set the universe of tradable coins in your account will be a customizable option.

Once your exchange account has been linked and you have set your trading strategy, you are ready to have Jade go to work for you.  Trades will be visible as they are happening on your exchange account allowing you the utmost transparency possible. While watching trades on exchanges can be informative, we found that it can also be hard to keep track of especially when diversifying across multiple assets, so to improve upon this we have included a number of statistics within the Jade user portal.  From within the Jade portal you will be able to quickly see important information such as positions open, number of closed trades, total to date returns shown in your selected funding currency and show on a percentage basis, as well as many more granular insights.

Is Jade secure?

As with all our products, Dropil is devoted to maintaining the highest possible security for Jade.  All transmission of API keys via the Jade portal are encrypted and then stored encrypted as well on a secured server.  In addition the setup wizard will instruct and recommend that users take the extra precaution of not allowing fund withdrawal via API and ensuring all account access requires 2FA.

How much does it cost?

Jade is a premium product that can be paid for via Drops on either a recurring monthly or annual basis.  In addition to discounts for annual enrollment there are a few other incentives available such as referrals and MDC (million Drops club) member discounts. Final pricing will be announced closer to launch, however we can disclose the generous referral program details presently.  All Dropil users may generate and share a unique referral code that can be given out as many times as you want. Users may apply a Jade referral code to their Dropil account which will activate a lifetime 10% discount off the full price of their Jade subscription. Users that share their referral code will receive 10% of ALL Jade payments made by their referred users.  Yes, Jade can be used for free if you have enough referrals and even pay you additional Drops on a regular basis.

Just a friendly reminder that crypto trading involves a high degree of risk, and is not suitable for everyone. Before deciding to trade crypto on your personal trading account using the Jade software, you should carefully consider your financial objectives and risk appetite.

We feel that Jade is the perfect product for those wanting more control and visibility while still taking advantage of round the clock trading taking place on your account via bot trading.  Designed with ease of usability in mind we know you will find Jade to live up to the Dropil name and expectations.

Jade is currently under heavy development and Alpha testing with an aggressive timeline to move to Beta testing very soon. Official launch of Jade will follow the completion of Beta testing. Stay tuned!

More information about Jade is coming soon.  To always stay up to date, join our telegram channel, click here

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