Paper Wallet

Your crypto assets protected offline

Dropil Paper wallets tool allows you to easily create, store, or share cold storage crypto wallets. Create and print attractive cold storage wallets for the ultimate in security and shareability for any blockchain assets.


Safe storage

Since the inception of the blockchain, the choice for ultimate security has been cold storage, Dropil Paper makes generating and printing a cold storage wallet a breeze.

Store any currency

With an on-site address generator for the most popular currencies Dropil Paper Wallets are quick and simple to create. Universally compatible wallets can also be manually created to allow cold storage of any asset you want.

Give the gift of crypto!

Gifting crypto on a paper wallet is as easy as could be, no need to set up hardware or software based wallets for the recipient. Easy share with friends and family Drops or any other currency.


Paper Wallet, ready for printing

A paper wallet is easy to use and is perfect for cold storage or to give your crypto assets to someone else. All you need is to know your wallet and address and if you want a private wallet your key. Here is how it works:

  1. Start the Paper Wallet Wizard
  2. Select if you want public or private wallet (private wallet shows your private key and should be treated as a password)
  3. Either generate your public & private key or enter your own
  4. Print your wallet and store it in a safe place (like safety deposit box)

Free for everyone

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