We are excited to finally bring light to Dropscribe, a content sharing platform with a focus on pushing quality content and innovation in the crypto sphere. The details of the platform have been kept closely under wraps in recent weeks as we prepare to roll out the first iteration to our beta testers.

The team at Dropil has created a platform that allows anyone to share news, information, and ideas with the world in a space currently crowded with biased information. Dropscribe is a platform that will allow authors to create and share information and be rewarded seamlessly by their readers for high-quality content. Readers have the ability to tip authors a small number of Drops for FREE complimentary of Dropil or increase their tip to any desired amount.

Our vision of Dropscribe is to be different from existing crypto news outlets and envisions expansion into enterprise solutions for content sharing. Crowdsourced quality content via upvotes/downvotes and tip contributions, content catered to all audiences, less intrusive ads than typical publications, and much more wrapped up in an intuitive, simple to use, and elegant platform built by Dropil. Existing Dropil users will be able to login using their Dropil credentials and submit content, receive tips, upvote/downvote content, comment on content, tip authors, and reply to other comments created by users. Registration for new authors and readers is easy.

This is only the beginning of what we have planned for Dropscribe. Future updates will see increased functionality in all aspects of the platform further empowering both authors and readers. Follow and receive updates from your favorite authors. Hire authors to create content. Private content creation by authors with the ability for readers to subscribe at a monthly rate chosen by the author, and much more.

Dropscribe has a large potential to bring awareness and get new users involved in the Dropil ecosystem through content sharing. We are very excited to get this platform up and running officially.

Beta testing of Dropscribe will begin this week and we hope to wrap it up quickly so authors can begin publishing! 

See below for some sneak peek screenshots! 




Fine Print
Free tips are limited to once per every 10 minutes, once per day per author, and once per article. Additional restrictions may apply and restrictions are subject to change at any time.
Author’s first 2-3 articles undergo a review period to ensure quality content is submitted. Spammers and poor quality content will be rejected and the rights to create content will be revoked. Select individuals chosen by Dropil will review all content submitted by unverified authors.