Road Map

Here is our current Road Map and where we stand. We will update our roadmap every other quarter to better sync our work with our goals.




Penetration testing completed by Cobalt

With an emphasis on preventative security, all aspects of Dropil’s infrastructure underwent extensive testing and security improvements.


Dex 2.0

Dex received a new look along with some new tricks, read here for an in-depth look.


Insights (The Secret Sauce)

New Insights dashboard released that offers live time system statistics for many aspects of the Dropil environment. See it in action: Dropil Insights



Arthur 2.0 Release

We launched an updated version of our Arthur trading system that now supports complex signals as well as cash-in-out estimation. Learn more


TruWho partnership/KYC Verification

Partnership with Truwho and the introduction of KYC for applicable Dropil services launches. Learn more



Periodic public buyback program launches

For eligible KYC verified customers, we will begin offering Drop buyback sprints. Learn more

Dropil Paper (The icing on the cake)

Bringing the heat to cold storage, Dropil Paper offers the most secure form of cryptocurrency storage in an intuitive and easy manner. Learn more



Dropil Home

To start off 2019, we are introducing Dropil Home - the new central management and single-point login system.

Dex 3.0

Bundled with Dropil Home, Dex 3.0 is being released in early 2019 as a complete redesign with many enhanced and new features. Learn more.


Max Universal Smart Wallet

Max combines all the functions we wish other wallet services offered, designed with Dropil’s signature clean and easy to use interface.

Merchandise store

An opening of an official Dropil swag supply for everyone wondering how they live without Dropil pajamas.


Jade - Personalized Trading

Jade joined the team of robots in May, 2019. Learn more.

Earn Dropil

June 2019 we will see the addition of a new service called Dropil Earn.  Earn drops for sharing articles, videos, and more about Dropil.

Seer Prediction Markets

June 2019 we will see the addition of a new service called Seer, which allows users to predict the future of certain events using drops.


Dropil Games/Lottery

Dropil launches a games/lottery platform where users can use DROP's to play games that include lottery and more.


Dropscribe - Crypto Blogging/News Platform

Dropscribe a crypto powered news & blogging platform. Become an author and earn crypto or be a reader and tip for FREE.

Dropil Exchange

Mid-late 2019 will see the addition of a full suite "smart" crypto exchange to the Dropil ecosystem serving most major currencies and extensive features.

Drop Chain Testnet

The Dropil Chain testnet will become available to test and transact on.

Mobile Applications

We will be putting the power of Dropil in your hands with the release of mobile apps for both Android and iOS platforms.

We are always working on the following

More Exchange Listings
Bug Fixes and Development of Current Tools
Knowledge Base Additions

And Much more...