Dropil is excited to offer this first introduction to our forthcoming smart wallet, Max.

Much more than just a crypto wallet, Max bundles all the security and functionality of a great universal crypto wallet with additional smart features to make it a truly user-empowering product, not just another piece of product clutter in the flooded crypto market.

The offerings of most crypto wallets pale in comparison to the suite of functionality you will find in the proprietary portals of many larger banks. We set out with the aim to close that gap, and thus continue to lay the groundwork for the mass adoption of crypto. By building a product that allows you to do more from a single location, you are better informed, have enhanced capabilities and convenience, and above all, remain more secure while using Max.

Max Features:

  • Max Security
  • Multi-currency support
  • Accessible anywhere
  • Custom portfolio tracking
  • Smart integration features
  • Smart remote control and notifications
  • Monitor your other wallets (including exchanges) from one convenient location in Max
  • Set up recurring payments
  • Manage multiple wallets with customization features
  • Manage external third party wallets
  • Track historical movement from multiple addresses
  • User defined transaction costs putting you in control of speed and cost
  • Premium features

Max Security

The top priority with Max is offering great features and accessibility while maintaining the best possible security. The ultimate security or utmost ease of access traditionally comes with one at the expense of the other. Designed from the outset to offer the best of both worlds without compromise, Max security allows users to customize how they control and secure their wallet. Employing a number of powerful multi-layer security options to all operations ensures redundant safety nets for every user’s wallet. Max’s smart features also assist in security, with push notifications it will be easy to stay apprised of all account activity in real time. With whitelisted IP addresses and devices, support for multiple 2FA options, bank-level encryption, configurable master password, push notifications, and more, Max Security seeks to have you and your crypto assets covered.

Max Goes Smart

Smart and tough, Max offers far more than just an impressive array of security options. Link Max to your telegram for an array of insight commands and secured operations without needing to log in. This powerful assistant tool allows you to control and also be notified of a huge array of activities within your Max wallet. Again, seeking to elevate crypto offerings to those the public is used to receiving from establishment banks, the smart capabilities and being able to receive real-time updates of any account activity leaves users better informed and fights fraud.

Max Assistant

The smart telegram assistant for Max will have a number of built-in features to keep users in the loop as well as an extensive list of predefined commands to interact with your wallet. Below are a few potential commands you will be able to utilize with the Max Telegram assistant:

  • /PNL24 – See how your coins value has fared in a 24-hour period
  • /SendTransaction – Send transactions from your wallet directly from Telegram using 2FA
  • /Incoming – Get information on the latest transaction(s) received by one of your wallet addresses
  • /Outgoing – Get information on the latest transaction(s) sent by one of your wallet addresses
  • /Tracked – Get information on latest transactions(s) made by any of your tracked external wallets
  • /Reccurring – See the details of your next recurring transaction such as coin, amount, and date
  • /WhenLambo – Visualize progress towards important financial milestones
  • Many more!
Monitor multiple addresses at the same time for a single coin

Full Portfolio Control

You have crypto assets in more than one location, which can make keeping track of your full financial picture a chore. Max allows you to manage funds outside of your immediate wallet in a number of novel ways from private key importation to software integration. Offering integration for supported external wallets such as Ledger or Trezor gives you powerful tools to conveniently control all of your crypto assets while also being able to monitor your total holdings as single total giving you a more complete assessment of your currencies. Planned future capabilities will see Max support API movement and monitoring and tracking of funds in multiple locations such as exchange wallets live time, again having them count towards total funds shown in your portfolio as well.

Set up recurring transactions and send money at set intervals

Recurring Payments

Setup of automatic debits has long been a common feature in traditional fiat institutions, and the fact that it’s so rare in crypto certainly does not enhance mass adoption. This is why we felt it was important to include a simple way to set up, send, and monitor receipt of such transactions in Max. With Max’s recurring transactions feature, you have the ability to customize future payments to a few or even thousands of other wallets, along with confirmation and pre-send push notifications. As with all products we release, this will integrate with and support the larger Dropil ecosystem, always with the goal of bringing crypto to a wider audience with better, easier-to-use tools.

The Max universal wallet is poised to be so much more than just a wallet, but an important financial tool for anyone new or seasoned in the cryptocurrency world. We feel Max is a strong addition to the Dropil ecosystem bringing some much needed functionality to the marketplace. Please stay tuned for updates as Max will be released to beta testers later this quarter.


Check out the added Max page to see all that Max has to offer: Click Here

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