Arthur 2.0 Beta Test Complete

We have completed the successful beta testing of Arthur 2.0!  This Wednesday will see the wider release of Arthur 2.0 to all users along with other system upgrades. This coming Wednesday, August 1st at 12:00 noon PST all Dropil systems will be offline while we push updates. This includes Dex, Arthur, Insights, and all Telegram bots.

Maintenance & Updates

We expect approximately 12 hours of downtime for all upgrades to take place at which point all systems will be back online and functional. During the downtime Arthur, Dex dashboard, Insights, and connected telegram bots will be offline. Once back online there are a number of new features we hope you will check out.

  • Arthur 2.0 full release
  • page updates
  • Dex logic node updates
  • Security updates
  • Bug fixes
  • Database restructuring
  • Server process improvements
  • Performance Updates (overall speed and efficiency upgrades to all platforms/systems)


Arthur 2.0

As you all know we have been working to bring more features to the Arthur platform and we are excited to release the next step on this journey. If you would like a more in depth explanation of the new features as well as planned future functions of Arthur please check out our Arthur preview article. Arthur 2.0 packs a lot of new features and we want all users to have a chance to get familiar with these enhancements and see if they are right for you. Dropil intends to offer value to all aspects of the crypto space, from novice or casual user to seasoned professional traders and Arthur 2.0 is the first look into these offerings.

As long as you sign up for the Dropil platform you will have access to all features that Arthur has to offer, however there will be limits on the number of time per month certain features can be used.

Premium Options

We are excited to announce our first premium feature levels that allow increased or unlimited use of Arthur features for those who are avid or professional traders.

Free Users

  • Limited to selecting 5 exchanges on arbitration
  • Limited to setting up 3 configured signals at once
  • Limited to 10 uses each of the cash in / cash out feature per month
  • No access to the drop down options for "Any of My Exchanges" or "Any of My Coins"

Access plan

$10 USD (~2000 Drops per month)
  • Set up to 25 signals
  • Receive unlimited responses from those signals
  • Unlimited setting of exchanges for arbitration
  • Unlimited use of cash in /cash out feature
  • Full access to the drop down options for "Any of My Exchanges" or "Any of My Coins"

Unlimited plan

$25 USD (~5000 Drops per month)
  • Unlimited signals
  • Unlimited responses from those signals
  • Unlimited setting of exchanges for arbitration
  • Unlimited use of cash in /cash out feature
  • Full Access

Dex Updates

In addition we will be pushing a number of upgrades to nearly all portions of the Dropil ecosystem both internal and external. We are always striving to push the performance of our processes and systems to deliver the best user experience possible. This update includes efficiency and speed improvements across the board along with security enhancements.

Dex is also receiving some upgrades this go-around to make him more effective in the current state of the market. We monitor the success of all logic groups and have seen the opportunity to give more weight to a particular strategy that has been performing well in a market that is less volatile than the previous calendar year. In order to not interrupt any current cycles or positions these changes will only go into effect following the successful closing of a position. During this system downtime all trading will stay online, if your cycle ends during this time it is still able to fulfill your chosen settings, whether that be auto recontribute or a withdraw.

As always we want to thank you for being an early member of the Dropil ecosystem and look forward to growing with you in the future. Please keep an eye on our telegram during the downtime for live updates(link).

-The Dropil team (and lots of bots)