Prediction Market

Seer is a full featured prediction market platform allowing you to create or participate in predictions.


How Seer works

Create custom predictions backed by Drops on our predictive marketplace and invite others to participate


Choose Prediction

Select a prediction from any list to participate in, or create your own


Back your prediction

Select amount of Drops to back prediction

Wait for results@2x

Wait for Result

Winners will be determined following the completion date of prediction

Easily Create Predictions

Can’t find a prediction? Create your own predictions for anything you want, then invite your friends to participate.

  • Multiple categories and prediction types
  • Easy social share buttons

Optional smart weighting system

Incentivise early user engagement with our optional bonus weighting system, designed to reward early tier participation with progressively higher earning potential.

Live and Play Mode

Practice in our sandbox play mode with free refillable tokens before staking Drops. This allows you to better understand the platform before going live

  • Practice with free points in free play mode
  • Easily switch between modes
LivePlay and FreePlay@2x

The reporting you need!

Easy to read in depth details for current settings, trades, and historical account performance.

  • See pending orders
  • Cancel pending orders
  • History and Performance Analysis

Start Predicting!

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