Adding Drops to Dex During an Active Cycle

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To maintain integrity within the trading pools, Drops cannot be added during an active cycle. However, the system has a scheduling feature that allows you to queue Drops to be added to Dex at the beginning of your next cycle. This article will walk you through doing just that.

  • From the Dex landing page, you will select “Add to Dex”

  • You will use the slider or manually input value to add to Dex

  • Selecting the overlapping arrows will alternate between the ability to add a USD value or a specified number of Drops to Dex as shown above
  • Once you input your amount and chosen any pool distribution updates, select “Add to Next Cycle”

  • If you have 2FA enabled for Dex updates you will have to input your 2FA code.

  • Success! You have queued Drops to be added to your next Dex cycle.
  • Those Drops will be removed from your available balance, but not added to your Dex balance. They are not gone, and the pending transaction can be viewed in your transaction logs on the Dex home page.

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