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Enhanced Security Features

Keeping your funds secure in the Dropil portal is just as important to us as it is to you, this is why we provide a number of security options for users to protect their own accounts. In addition to the traditional username and password requirements and two-factor authentication, we have enhanced settings available in the Security tab of Dropil Home.

While we recommend enabling all available security options, it is up to user discretion which they would like turned on. You can enable and disable the options by clicking the slider next to your option of choice as pictured above. These options are saved automatically and take effect immediately.

What extra security options are available?

  1. Log me out when my IP address changes
  2. Require email confirmation on IP address update
  3. Terminate all active sessions on password change
  4. Disable withdrawals for 24 hours after password reset (excludes password update from Profile tab)

Option #1: This option will close any previous browsing sessions when a new IP address is detected.

Option #2: This option will send an email to the address associated with your account when a new IP address is detected.

Option #3: This option will force all active login instances to close upon password reset.

Option #4: This option disables the ability to withdraw for 24 hours after a password reset is completed. This does not apply to password changes made through the Dropil Home portal.

When enabling these settings please keep in mind there may be circumstances where not every setting is ideal for certain users. Consider your individual situation and how these options may limit access to your account.

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