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Introduction to Arbitrage and Arthur

Arbitrage is the process of buying on one exchange at a lower price, transferring it to another exchange, and then selling it on that exchange at a higher price. The goal is to profit from the difference in coin prices between exchanges. Arthur, the arbitrage tool, makes it easy to compare different prices on exchanges by displaying all opportunities in a single location. With additional user input, Arthur will alert you when new opportunities arise based on your personal preferences such as exchanges, coins, and percent thresholds.

You can see the difference between different coins and exchanges

Fees Involved in the Arbitrage Process

New with Arthur 2.0, the fees associated with arbitrage opportunities are displayed right on the portal. The fees we account for are:

  • Purchase fees from exchange 
  • Withdrawal fees from exchange 
  • Seller fees from exchange 

These fees are calculated based on the arbitrage of one whole coin of the denoted currency. Because slippage may be a factor, it is important to ensure that the order book liquidity is large enough to handle your transaction.

Setting up Arthur

A basic level of Arthur access is included in our Basic Dropil subscription. For users who require more signals, more exchanges, and more functions of Arthur may subscribe to Dropil’s Plus or Pro plans.

Basic plan:

  • Select up to 5 exchanges to monitor for arbitration
  • Configure up to 3 unique signals
  • Use of the Cash in/ Cash out feature limited to 10 times per month each

*The free plan does not allow access to the “Any of My Exchanges” or “Any of My Coins” selection when creating signals.

Plus plan: $10 per month (paid in Drops)

  • Unlimited selection of exchanges to monitor for arbitration
  • Configure up to 25 unique signals
  • Unlimited use of cash in /cash out feature
  • The option to use “Any of My Exchanges” or “Any of My Coins” selection for signals included.

Pro plan: $25 per month (paid in Drops)

  • You get it all, and as much as you want!
  • All features are unlimited.

Once you have selected an appropriate plan, it may take up to an hour for your subscription to confirm. Once your subscription is confirmed, you will have access to all of Arthur’s signals including arbitrage, volume and market cap changes, best places to cash in or cash out and more. You are able to select your preferred exchanges and other preferences from within your user settings panel as well as link your Telegram and email account. For more information on what different subscription levels entail, please see our overview article here.

Changing your preferences

From within your settings panel, you can choose to enable or disable specific exchanges based on your ability to access them or which exchanges you already have accounts on. To select an exchange, you can either choose “Select All” or you can place individual check marks by the exchanges relevant to you. To disable an exchange, simply click on the checkmark and it will go blank, indicating that it will no longer be shown in the Arbitrage page.

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