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While using the Arthur Arbitrage page, users will see all available arbitrage opportunities that are available from the Arthur system. These opportunities are updated every 30 seconds to provide accurate pricing between exchanges.

Knowing your Arbitrage Opportunities

The top of the Arbitrage page shows the biggest percentage gain throughout all coins and exchanges in the Arthur arbitrage system, followed by the biggest value difference in terms of USD, followed by the biggest percentage gain among only the coins selected under user settings.

Arbitrage Opportunities

Below those are individually listed arbitrage opportunities. These opportunities show both exchanges you will need to access in order to complete a successful arbitrage, along with links to the respective exchanges and the fees associated with buying, transferring, and selling that currency. Individual fees are determined by accounting for buying, withdrawing, and transferring one coin of that type. You can filter based on exchange or based on an individual coin.

Arbitrage Opportunity Example

Here we can see that Bitcoin (BTC) is trading at .29% higher on Bitfinex compared to Coinbase Pro but it would not be profitable with normal fees on these exchanges. 

Filter Options

Using the filter box, users may search any individual coin or exchange supported by the Arthur portal. For example, if you type “Bittrex” in the search box, it will bring up all opportunities that interact with the Bittrex exchange. If you type “XMR” or “Monero”, it will bring up all arbitrage opportunities that involve Monero.

Choosing your settings

From the settings panel, you are able to select which exchanges they would like to see arbitrage signals for. So that you see only the most applicable arbitrage opportunities, by clicking on the checkmark and turning into a blank box you can disable the showing of exchanges where you don’t have accounts or that have been slow or are temporarily offline.

For more information about what arbitrage is and how profits can be made using it, please see this article

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