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One of the most powerful features of Arthur is that he has the ability to notify you when there is a trade opportunity. All a user has to do is pick a percentage threshold – when the selected threshold is reached, Arthur will notify you via email or Telegram depending on your selected medium.


Picking the Right Notification Threshold

A percentage threshold will notify you if any of the coins exchange opportunities reach a certain limit. For example:


In the example above we can see that we would gain almost 4.5% from transferring Litecoin from Bittrex to Livecoin. However, we need to consider a few factors before jumping into this trade:

  • Slippage
  • Trade Fees (0.1%~0.2%)
  • Transfer Fees (Depends on coin and exchange)
  • Current market state

Generally, it’s much safer to have a threshold difference above 3%. The more exotic the coin the higher the risk that transfer fees might be high or the volume of the market is not there to support your trade and slippage will occur. For coins that are not in the top 20, we would recommend at least a 5% threshold. Top 20 coins are much safer since even if you lose the arbitrage opportunity it’s much easier to sell them later. If you don’t want too worry about the above factors you can set a notification to 10% or higher and thus only go for these much safer opportunities. Keep in mind however that they won’t come nearly as often as the lower percent thresholds.

Setting it up

In your Arthur dashboard, go to settings, then enable Opportunity Alerts, drag the slider to your desired rate and select notification type. We suggest Telegram Alerts as they are the fastest way to receive notifications.

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