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Managing Arthur Settings

The settings panel for Arthur is where important user preferences are saved, security settings are set, and premium plans can be purchased. To access your settings, select the cog in the top right corner.

Two Factor Authentication

The first settings page gives users the option to enable or disable 2FA as well as adjust when you would like to be prompted for 2FA when accessing and using your account. We recommend enabling 2FA for both logins and withdrawals, and only disabling it if absolutely necessary.

If you have not yet activated 2FA, you will see the screen below and it will walk you through the steps to enable two factor authentication on your account.

If you do already have 2FA enabled, you will see this different screen below, allowing you to change your settings or disable 2FA completely.

For more information regarding what 2FA is, how to set it up, or for more in-depth information please see our 2FA article (click here)

Exchange and Currency Options

The second settings page is where all options related to the Cash In/Out, Signals, and Arbitrage pages are. Users can update their settings so that only applicable exchanges and currencies are part of their Arthur experience. To select an exchange or currency, simply click the empty box next to the name. To deselect it, click the checkbox

For more information regarding

Arthur Arbitrage: Click Here
Cashing In/Cashing Out: Click Here
Arthur Signals: Click Here

Your Dropil Profile

From the third page, users can manage settings related to their account including their username, password, and more. If you need to change your password, this is where you would do so.


From the notifications tab, users are able to link their telegram and email accounts where they wish to receive Arthur alerts and signals. For Telegram alerts, users simple enter their Telegram profile username (not the nickname) into the Link Telegram box. For emails, simple enter the email you wish to receive alerts to, then click save.

For more information regarding linking your Telegram or Email, see this article

Premium Features

The final tab in your user settings is where premium features can be purchased. Users have the option to select between our two plans and choose if they would like to use Dex payouts as a funding source.  

After selecting a plan, users must read and accept the disclaimer regarding payment for their plan and then they can confirm their subscription.

For details on Arthur subscriptions and what they include, please see this article

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