Champion Lottery Overview

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Champion Lottery

In Dropil’s Champion Lottery, a 1-hour timer counts down toward 0. Each person can only purchase one ticket at a time and when that happens, the timer starts all over again. The lottery pool accumulates based on the number of tickets purchased. Should the timer reach 0 the lottery pool is paid out to whoever purchased the final ticket.

Purchasing Champion Lottery Tickets

The last person to buy a ticket wins, sounds easy enough, right? To purchase tickets for the Champion Lottery, head over to the Champion Lottery page. Here you will see important information such as when the previous ticket was purchased, whether or not you were the last person to purchase a ticket, the current lottery pool, and how much time is remaining on the lottery.

Since users can only purchase one ticket at a time, all you have to do is press Purchase on the Purchase Lottery Ticket screen and your entry is complete. Before making your purchase users are able to see the time remaining in the current lottery and their ticket cost in USD and Drops.

If your purchase was successful, the Recent Purchases page will show your ticket as the most recent one as seen below.

Quick Buy

Using the button at the top of the Champion Lottery section users can toggle quick buy for this lottery. Quick buy means as soon as the Purchase button is clicked, a ticket is bought. There is no confirmation screen after that. It is disabled by default.


Lottery History

On the page for each lottery, there is a History tab with details related to the previous lottery winners. For the Champion Lottery, this shows the previous winners, the number of tickets purchased in that pool, the value in USD and Drops of that pool, the start and end date of that lottery cycle, and how long the battle to be Champion lasted.


Each round is assigned a Game # that designates the specific round and winner for that round. Every time a winner is chosen, a new game begins.

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