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Should you use Dex, Jade, or both?

There are many differences between Dex and Jade that make the choice between the two a tough one to consider. This article will not cover financial advice regarding choosing between Dex and Jade, or which one will make you more money but it will serve as an overview of the two services to give a better idea of how each can work for you. You can also choose to use both products at the same time, and keep in mind that Drops held in Dex still count toward your maximum tradable funds for Jade. 


The primary result of using Dex is accruing Drops. These Drops can be affected by market conditions which means that the fiat value of your holdings can increase or decrease over time. Payouts from Dex are based on either a percentage of your USD value converted to Drops, or a percentage of your number of Drops. This percentage comes from the results of Dex’s trading.

In addition to paying out Drops, Dex requires Drops to run. Users must deposit Drops into their portal account and these Drops are what their returns are based on. Payouts occur 15 days from when Dex is started and can be sent to either your internal portal wallet or a wallet of your choosing outside of the portal.

Something Dex requires that Jade does not is KYC. With Dex, users must become gold verified through Truwho in order to withdraw their profits. Users can still withdraw the amount they put into Dex without it, but verification through Truwho is necessary for anything beyond that. While more detailed information is required to become Truwho Gold Verified, the only information passed to Dropil from Truwho is your TruID and your verification level.

The trading logic behind Dex is carefully curated by our team to be safe and consistent. While there can be losses, we utilize many safety nets to mitigate losses with Dex. Users are only required to choose between three aggression settings based on their own risk tolerance and that’s it for Dex. It is very simple to get going with Dex, and there is no prior trading knowledge or skills necessary for use.

Using Dex is free and requires no subscription. The minimum amount of Drops required for Dex is $50 USD worth at market value and there is no maximum. For more information about Dex, check out our Knowledge Base section about him here.


With Jade, users link their own personal exchange accounts through API keys and fund the trades themselves. This means you must have your personal trading funds stored on exchanges for Jade to use. Jade does not require KYC but some exchanges may.

Jade currently supports BTC, ETH, USDT, and BNB base pairs. Based on your settings, Jade trades available coins tied to these base pairs and profits/losses occur in terms of the base pair currency. For example, if you are running a BTC bot, profits will increase your BTC balance while losses will decrease it. Non-stable coin bots are also subject to price fluctuations in terms of fiat value.

Jade is free for all users up to $500 USD without the need to hold any Drops. Furthermore, users may trade $1,000 within Jade for every $500 worth of Drops they own at market value. For example, if you have $1,500 worth of Drops, Jade can trade up to $3,000 for you. For users not wanting to hold Drops yet want to trade more than $500 or who want multiple bots, there are subscription tiers available to suit your needs. Prices range from $29 per month to $99 per month. More details about Jade subscription plans can be found here.

While Jade does have some thoroughly tested default settings, Jade gives users the opportunity to fine-tune their own settings. This is more of an advanced feature and a background in trading is often helpful understanding how each setting may change their results. Jade can often be more unpredictable than Dex and has returns that vary greatly by comparison, especially with users who have aggressive settings. Altering settings without understanding what they do can have severe detrimental effects on your trading account.


Bots Can Coexist

There is room for both Dex and Jade in the Dropil portal. They serve different functions and produce different outcomes. You can use Dex payouts to fund Jade subscriptions or Jade profits to add to your Drops in Dex. The two bots pair well together in a symbiotic relationship on the Dropil platform, so whether you want to use just one bot or a combination of the two, we’ve got you covered.

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