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How To Reach Us

There are a variety of methods users can use to contact Dropil, and it’s imperative to contact the proper channels so that questions can be answered, inquiries get read, and issues can be fixed. This article will serve as a guide on the proper method of contact for most Dropil related issues.



If you would like to chat with other community members and think you may have questions they can answer, or just want to hang around and talk about Dropil with other like-minded people, our Telegram (Click Here to Open) is the place to be.  Your question may have been asked many times before, and Telegram features an easy to use search tool that can help you find answers to your questions without even asking them.


If you’re having more serious issues such as being locked out of your account and you need direct assistance, please reach out directly to our support staff. This can be done by creating a ticket (see this article) or by sending an email with your issues to [email protected] You can also create a ticket using your Dex assistant (@Dex_Dropil_Bot) in Telegram by using the /support command.

Business Inquiries

For users interested in reaching out to Dropil for anything from business partnerships, exchange listings, marketing pitches, or similar items, you can reach us by emailing [email protected] This email is not intended for account issues or other support related incidents.

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