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Creating a Prediction

Creating a prediction is easy in Seer. Once you’ve logged in, navigate to the Predictions page in Seer by following the link in the header or directly by following this link.

Choose your prediction type

Prediction Parameters

In cryptocurrency predictions, the title is automatically generated based on your prediction settings. In custom predictions, the title is written manually. For custom predictions, make sure that your title is high quality and free of spelling errors.

Cryptocurrency Predictions

The first dropdown menu is where you will choose the basis for your prediction. This menu is where you will choose Price, Market Cap, Rank, or % Change as the type of wager.

The second dropdown menu is searchable and self-explanatory. Here is where you choose the cryptocurrency you want this prediction to be about. Be sure to double-check this box to ensure you are choosing the correct coin. If you type “Bitcoin” in the search box, other coins with Bitcoin in the name such as Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold, Bitcoin Diamond will all appear.

The third option is where you choose the date your prediction will be on. In the example above, users will wage on the price of Bitcoin at 12:00 AM on 8/1/19. The time will display for each user who views the prediction based on their local time zone.

Custom Predictions

Users create their own title for custom predictions. These titles should be of high quality and free of advertising, profanity, etc. Low-quality titles or titles that do not make it clear what is being wagered on may be deleted.

Possible Outcomes

Possible outcomes are the different options users have to choose from when wagering on your prediction. In the prediction above regarding the price of Bitcoin, users choose whether Bitcoin will be valued greater than or equal to $11,000 USD, or less than or equal to $10,999.

Prediction outcomes must be logical and have open ends without gaps to be considered viable. This means you cannot have outcomes that overlap or have space in between the outcome numbers.

Open-ended prediction example:

< $1,000

between $1,000 and $5,000

> $5,000

This example is open-ended because it accounts for values less than $1,000, the value of exactly $1,000 to exactly $5,000, and all numbers above $5,000.

Custom Prediction Outcomes

For custom predictions, users can enter their own custom outcomes or create predictions that can be answered with simple True/False outcomes. For example, if users were making a prediction about the United States Presidential Election in 2016, the outcomes would be the candidate names on the ballot.

Prediction Start and End Dates

The Start Date is the date and time that users can begin wagering on this prediction. Any date/time chosen before the current time of prediction creation will cause wagering to begin immediately.

The wager End Date is the cutoff point for wagers to be made. The End Date must be no closer than 10% of the prediction date relative to the day the prediction is created. The maximum end date is automatically calculated for you when you set a prediction date. If your settings do not follow the 10% rule, the end date is automatically adjusted to the maximum end date.

Resolution Source

As stated before, the resolution source for all cryptocurrency predictions defaults to Coin Market Cap and cannot be changed.

 If you are creating a custom prediction or a prediction for a cryptocurrency that is not on Coin Market Cap, users must provide the resolution source. This should be a reputable website that is trustworthy and factual. If you feel that additional information may be required for users to wager on your prediction or for admins to determine the outcome, please provide it in the additional details box.

Smart Multiplier

The Smart Multiplier rewards early participants by weighing their wager more than later participants. Enabling the Smart Multiplier encourages users to not wait until the last minute to place their wagers. The multiplier starts at 4X and decreases over time as the prediction ages. For more information on Smart Multipliers, see our Knowledge Base article here.

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