Creating and Linking Huobi API Keys

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API keys are a tool that allows Dropil or any other service to manage your exchange accounts without requiring your username and password to the accounts in question. These keys are generated by an exchange and used to link your Dropil account to your exchange accounts and are a key component for using Jade.

Creating Huobi Global API Keys

To create an API key for Jade, open your API Management page on the Huobi site by following this link. Give your API key a nickname that well help you identify the keys in the note section. A name like Dropil or Jade will help you know that this API key you are about to generate is the one you use with us. Be sure to leave the “Bind IP address” box blank, and click the button at the bottom to create your keys.

You will need to confirm your API key creation with an email verification code. Press the Send button to get an email confirmation code. You may need to check your spam or junk mailbox to find it.

Copy the 6 digit code from your email. You only have 30 minutes until it expires, so make sure to act quickly.

Input your 6 digit verification code and click “Confirm” to create your API keys.

Finding Your Keys

After entering your confirmation code and pressing confirm, you will see a screen that confirms the successful creation of your Huobi API keys.

Copy your Access Key and Private Key to later paste in the Jade portal.

Linking Huobi API to Jade

To import your exchange API keys into Jade, navigate to the exchanges page here and select the Huobi exchange.

First input a friendly nickname for the exchange to help you identify the account, followed by the two API keys you generated. The Access Key goes into the “Enter API Key” bot, and the Private Key is pasted into the “Enter API Secret Key” box.

After entering a nickname for your account and your two keys, click the connect button to the right. If everything was entered correctly, you will receive a notification at the top of your portal that shows the link was successful and you are ready to create your first bot.

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