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Creating a New Signal

Users wishing to create their first signal will do so by first navigating to the “Signals” page, and then selecting “Configure Signals.” Once you select “Configure Signals” a new box will pop up, allowing you to create new signals and manage your existing signals.

After selecting “Add Signal”, a popup opens where users are prompted to select whether they would like to create a standard signal (price, volume, or market cap alerts) or arbitrage signals.

After selecting “Standard Signal” you will be able to choose from a variety of options and different types of signals.

First, users can select their coin of choice from a long list that includes every coin on CoinMarketCap. After selecting a coin, you are given the option to choose between price change alerts, volume alerts, or market cap alerts. In the next drop-down,  these can all be chosen based on USD value change, or percentage increase over 24 hours. The final drop-down menu lets you choose whether you want the information to come from specific exchanges, only your pre-selected exchanges, or from CoinMarketCap. We will go over selecting “My Exchanges” later in this article.

Managing Signals

From the “Configure Signals” screen comes the option to reconfigure your signals, enable/disable them with one click, or to completely remove the signal should it no longer prove useful.  If you wish to edit a signal you have already created, selecting the little gear will allow you to update your signals and change all parameters associated with it as shown below. You can adjust the types of standard signals you would like, the only thing you cannot change is switching it from a standard signal to an arbitrage signal.

Choosing “My Exchanges”

For the signals that allow the use of “on My Exchanges” instead of selecting all exchanges or just one exchange,  you can choose to get alerts only from a list of exchanges that you pre-approved. These exchanges can be selected from within your settings menu.

  • Example: Price signals for “My Exchanges” Bitfinex, Coinbase, Kraken or Bitstamp would look like this.

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