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What is Dex?

Dex is the name of our automated trading system, while Dex may often be referred to as a bot, it is more accurately a platform made up of many bots. We have broken down these bots into three over arching risk strategy pools, Safe, Moderate, and Aggressive, each which is made up many bots trading varying strategies with smart logic across a number of exchanges and currencies.  For more information see Dex overview or our White Paper.

What is the Minimum Dex Deposit?

The minimum amount required for a Dex deposit is $50.00

Is Dex a lending platform?

Dex nor any aspect of Dropil are lending platforms. We don't lend out your money anywhere, there is no lock period, returns are not based on time or staking and there is most importantly no multi-level marketing or down-line system in place.

Do you require a “hold period” before I can withdraw my coins?

No, for any reason, at any time you are in control of your coins and may withdraw them.  To realize your return there is a 15 day cycle period that must reach maturity each time, in order to assure the stability of the trading platform. 

Are "Drops" tokens the only way to use Dex,; can I send USD, BTC, or other currency instead?

Yes, Drops are required to use any Dropil products and are currently the only currency accepted.   You can easily purchase Drops tokens from one of the global exchanges.

Why is the use of Drop Tokens required to use Dex?

Reasons Drops are required:

  1. To control the volume of assets managed by the smart investment algorithms. While the bots are able to make substantial returns on massive volume, there is a point of diminishing returns, and as such, there is a hard cap in place to ensure all investors receive optimal portfolio performance.
  2. The cap on the overall number of Drops ensures that value of the token also increases, which further benefits our customers, especially those who are in this long term.
  3. By managing all in and out funds via Drops, all customers are free to cash out their Drops at partner exchanges into whatever currency suits them best. All transactions taking place in Drops also allows us to protect the anonymity and privacy of our customers.
Do you have any back test data?

We have back-tested and live data available. You can see a video of live trading that was recorded  here and you can see back-test data here

How long have you tested and what is the performance?

The logic and programming behind Dex was in development over a year prior to being released in the current format.  Dex is a system of bots, they all run and are controlled by an overarching strategy. The returns have always been very strong and even more importantly, reliable. Depending on logic, historically we have seen 2-6% gains per 30-day period. There is approximately a year of testing.

How is the 24 hour average Drops price calculated?

The 24 hour average Drops price located in the topbar of the dashboard is calculated by taking the market price of Drops from Coin Market Cap every 30 minutes for a total of 48 price points in a 24 hour period. We then calculate the average of these 48 price points to come up with the 24h average price.

Which currencies does the Dex platform trade?

The coins being traded varies from strategy and market conditions, but traditionally over 90% of trading is done among the following currencies. Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Z-Cash, Bitcoin Cash, Monero, Neo, and Dash.

Which risk option is right for me, what risk is involved?

All investments carry some risk, we do our very best to mitigate those risks.  It is up to each individual to assess what their current risk tolerance is. Here is a small article that goes over Dex's risk strategies

Can I change my risk setting later if I choose?

Yes, portfolio risk strategy can be amended at any time from within the user portal. The changes made will go into affect for your next cycle.

How can I see my returns, can I “cash out” any time?

You will have a current display live in your Dex portal showing your current “unrealized profit."   You are able to withdraw your principal at any time, however any negative amount displayed in "unrealized profit" will be deducted from principal upon cancelling. Returns are not realized, or in other words added to your principal until the principal has matured which occurs after 15 days. Capital can be withdrawn prior to the 15-day maturing period if desired, however the "unrealized profit" will be forfeited.

Can I remove funds from Dex at any time?

You have the ability to cancel Dex at any time, however, doing so will forfeit the profit for your current cycle (15 day period). Any negative profit will be deducted from your return amount to prevent gaming of the system.

Can I add more money to Dex later?

Yes, you can add additional funds any time you want, the new funds will be added to the next Dex cycle.

What exchanges accept Drops, will more be added in the future?

We are already listed on some exchanges and in talks with a number of other exchanges to offer Drops, they will all be listed on our Buy Drops page.

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