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Adding to Dex for the first time

After creating your account and navigating to the Welcome to Dex page you will be prompted with the Dex setup wizard where you will be guided through the aspects of beginning your first Dex cycle.

After selecting “Let’s Deposit Drops” you will see the deposit address where you will send your Drops from an exchange or wallet. Clicking the icon on the side will copy your address to your device’s clipboard.  

A minimum of $50 USD is the minimum initial Dex deposit. If you make multiple smaller deposits, they will all display on this page until you have deposited enough to begin your first cycle.

The status of your deposit will display in real-time on this page.

After you have deposited a minimum of $50 in Drops, you’re ready to setup Dex

Dex Settings

From the Dex Setup page, you can choose how much you want to deposit into the Dex system, what risk pool you feel most comfortable with, how you want to handle your profits and more. These settings can be changed at any time later on, but if you change your settings in the middle of a cycle they will not apply until the next cycle begins.

Pool Distribution This setting is what will subscribe you to a particular risk pool made up of logic and strategy befitting that particular level. We recommend clicking here to learn more about risk strategy before deciding which option to go with. You can choose to dedicate 100% of your funds to a specific risk mode, or use any mix of two or three pools.

Recontribute This button allows you to decide whether or not you would like Drops earned from Dex to be deposited back into the system.

Withdraw distribution If you don’t want to reinvest 100% of Dex profits, disabling “Recontribute Everything” will allow you to choose how much you would like to recontribute and how much you would like to cash out to a wallet of choice.

Withdraw destination If you adjusted the “amount to withdraw” slider, this setting allows you to choose where to send the cashout portion of Dex profits following the completion of a cycle. You may send to an external wallet such as an Exchange or third-party wallet like MEW. Click to see our list of supported Dropil exchanges; alternatively, you can send them to your Dex portal wallet.

Clicking the “Add to Dex” button will start your Dex profile and begin your first 15-day Dex cycle. Note: The USD value of your deposit is calculated based on the 24-hour average Drop token price displayed at the time of starting and is used for the entire duration of your 15-day cycle.

Congratulations! You have Deposited Drops into Dex.

Things to remember

When using Dex keep these things in mind

  • When adding Drops to Dex, the value of your deposit is based on the 24 hours average Drop price (higher price is better)
  • You can queue up more Drops or settings changes for the next cycle, any additional settings updates will overwrite any pending settings updates
  • You can withdraw a partial amount of Drops instantly from Dex if needed; however, you will lose the proportional amount of unrealized profit.
  • KYC is required to withdraw Dex profits. If you do not link your TruID, you will only be allowed to withdraw the number of Drops you have put into the portal.

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