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The Period Performance and Pool Performance sections give you a quick view of how Dex is performing, the Dex options you have chosen, and how much Dex has earned you so far this period and in your last payout.

  • The first statistic shows your unrealized profit for your current cycle in terms of both USD and Drops.
  • Moving on, we have the countdown to cycle end and when profit will be realized and transferred to your account.
  • The next two statistics show how much you have earned in the current period to date, as well as the percentage and USD value of your last payout cycle.

Pool Performance

Pool performance gives a breakdown of how each risk level has been performing as well as giving a breakdown of how many Drops you have allocated in each mode, better known as distribution.

Dex Transaction History

  • This section shows and transactions related to Dex such as adding Drops, removing Drops, dex payouts, etc.

The transaction indicators are:

When Drops are added.

 Dex profit distributions.

 When Drops are removed.

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