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  • The first statistic is total returns for the current period. So far Dex has had a 3.01% gain for the current cycle.

  • The second statistic shows how dex has performed during the current month. This shows we have earned 0.88% since the month started.

  • The third statistic is how your dex has performed the entire time your Drops have been in Dex.
  • Note: If you cancel Dex this statistic will reset.

  • Pro tip: if you hover your mouse over the total return figures you will see the current USD amount

  • The three items below the statistics let you know when your current cycle will end, the risk level you have selected, and your recontribution percentage.
  • Our current cycle will end in 1 day, 8 hours, and 49 minutes.
  • Dex Risk is set to Aggressive
  • 100% of dex profits will be Recontributed.

Note: to remove your Drops from Dex, click the “Take Out Early” icon.

Dex Transaction History

  • This section shows and transactions related to Dex such as adding Drops, removing Drops, dex payouts, etc.

Pro tip: the transaction indicators are:

 When Drops are added.

 Dex profit distributions.

 When Drops are removed.

  • When you hover your cursor over the “Amount” to see what the current USD value of that Drop amount.

  • Hovering over the Equiv section will show you what Drops were valued at when they were added to dex.

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