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15 Day Maturity Period

When you send your funds to the Dex platform they are added to the trading system and your 15-day cycle for that portion of funds starts. While there is no lock on your funds and you may remove them at any point you must allow them to complete the 15-day cycle to maturity in order to realize the displayed potential profit. You can still pull out your funds early without any penalty fees 

Unrealized Profit

During the 15 day cycle period, all closed trades for your particular risk pool display the profit or loss that the trading platform makes. Your portion of these wins/losses are displayed as unrealized profit. Upon the maturity of your cycle at 15 days these amounts will become ‘realized’ and thus added to or subtracted from your initial capital amount and the unrealized profit display will reset. Exiting out of Dex prior to the period’s end will forfeit any unrealized profit. If there is a negative unrealized profit, the negative amount will be subtracted from the initial capital if the cycle is exited prematurely. This is to prevent users from gaming the system by pulling out early every time they see a negative unrealized amount.

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How are Dex 15 day returns able to remain similar even in Bear or Bull markets?

We built Dex to favor consistency and safety over large gains and this allows Dex to maintain similar return percentages in all market conditions.  This does to an extent cost the possibility of massive gains in strong up or down trends but it was deemed preferable after a long time of live testing a variety of strategies to favor stability through diversification and caution. 

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