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Dex has 3 different risk level options: SafeModerate and Aggressive. Every period (15 Days), you can switch to a different risk level if desired. Alternatively, you can partially take out some of your Dex deposit or cancel your entire Dex deposit and create a new one.


How do the risk levels differ?

Safe Mode – set up to prioritize the utmost stability even at the expense of possibly greater returns. The logic and diversification have produced steady gains in a variety of up and down market conditions with conservative trades and strong safety nets.

Moderate Mode – uses a mix of both safe and aggressive logic. To put it simply, the moderate risk level takes less risk and is good for an overall balanced portfolio.

Aggressive Mode – favors logic that will make trades resulting in larger profit but also experiences losing trades more often than the safe and moderate risk levels.  The aggressive mode still has substantial diversification and stop losses utilized to manage the portfolio as safely as possible while favoring higher returns.

What risk level is right for me?

Every person is different. Generally, people tend to favor low-risk strategies for short-term and high risk for the long term. It is up to each user to determine the appropriate pool distribution to choose.

Can I distribute my Drops across different risk levels?

Yes, you can choose to allocate all of your Drops into one risk level or distribute it across the three levels with a percentage of your choosing in each.

Can Dex Lose?

All investments carry some risk, we do our very best to mitigate those risks.  There are no express guarantees that any risk level will always be profitable. It’s up to each individual to assess what their current risk tolerance is.



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