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Dex User Settings

To access your user settings panel, simply select the cog in the top right of your screen. This will bring up your options for account notifications, fund category management, and more.

Notification Settings

Upon opening up your settings menu, the first tab titled “Notifications” allows users to manage their notification preferences. Currently, Dex supports email notifications upon payout, Telegram notifications upon payout, and daily Dex progress updates.

Simply click to enable or disable notifications, or select the “Connect” button to begin linking your Dex account to your Telegram Dex Assistant.

For a tutorial on linking your Telegram account to your Dropil portal, please visit this article

Category Settings

Categories allow users to separate their accounts into different allocations for better management of funds. All categories share the same Dex settings and cycle timing but allow users to track the progress of funds they may have deposited for someone else or a portion of their account they may wish to set apart for another reason.

Two-Factor Authentication Settings

From the third tab under settings, users are able to change what actions require a second layer of security regarding Dex actions. The first button enables 2FA requirements for adding, withdrawing, and changing settings for Dex. The second button enables 2FA for making changes to fund categories. Additional 2FA settings for login, password changes, and withdrawals can be found by clicking the link to Dropil Home’s Security page.

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