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To access your user settings panel, simply select the cog in the top right of your screen. This will bring up your options for selecting your 2FA settings, changing your profile information, or updating your notification preferences for the Dex Assistant in Telegram.

Two Factor Authentication

The first page of the user settings menu covers two factor authentication, or 2FA. This is a method of securing your account with a second code that is needed to log in. We strongly suggest users enable this feature in order to protect their account.


Once your 2FA is set up, from the new settings screen you can choose to disable your 2FA or choose how often you would like it to be used when adjusting Dex settings or making withdrawals.

For more information regarding what 2FA is, and a comprehensive guide on setting it up, visit this article

User Profile

Under the second tab “Profile” users can manage settings related to their account including their username, password, and more. If you need to change your password, this is where you would do so. This is also where you can adjust the time zone for your portal.


The final tab in the panel is the user notifications page. This is where you go to link your Telegram to your Dex portal account so that you can use the Dex Assistant. After you save your Telegram username, you will be prompted to open Telegram and begin chatting with the Dex Assistant who is now linked to your account.

For a tutorial on linking your Telegram account to your Dropil portal, please visit this article

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