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Just like adding Drops, you can queue settings changes for the next cycle. You can change the risk level and your reinvest/cashout distribution and destination.

On the performance page, in the “Dex Funds” section there is a “Settings” button in the top corner. Click this and you will be taken to your Dex settings. (Located under Performance tab on the right side)

The Dex settings screen will allow you to make changes to your risk level and your reinvest/cashout distribution and destination.  If you want to add Drops instead, use the Add to Dex button

We are going to update our Risk setting from Moderate to Aggressive, but not change the reinvest settings.

Set the new settings then click the green button to save

Your settings will get queued for the next cycle, this is why when visiting the settings window again, you will see your current settings

In this example we are updating our risk level to Aggressive

If you have made a mistake and wish to cancel changes go back to the settings menu

When you have pending updates, you will see a red “cancel changes” button. Clicking this will cancel all pending changes including queued additional Drops. If you want to cancel changes, but not queued Drops, you will have to cancel and then add the Drops to Dex again

See and cancel queued changes

Things to Remember

When using Dex keep these things in mind

  • When adding Drops to Dex, the value of your deposit is based on the 24 hour average Drop price (higher price is better)
  • You can queue up more Drops or settings changes for the next cycle, any additional settings updates will overwrite any pending settings updates
  • You can withdraw a partial amount of Drops instantly from Dex if needed; however, you will lose the proportional amount of unrealized profit.

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