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What is the current price of Drops?

Here is the live price snapshot from Coin Market Cap:

 Supported exchanges can be found here

What was Drops ICO distribution ratio?

  • Total Supply: 30,000,000,000
  • Dropil Vault: 15%
  • Sold/ Distributed during ICO: 60%
  • Dropil Founders Supply: 20% (locked)
  • Dropil Team: 5%

What is the lock period on the founders token supply?

We strive for the utmost transparency with our user base and so we are publishing the wallet address of the tokens pledged to stay locked.

  • 50% of Drops were available to purchase during the ICO. Coins that were not sold during the ICO (3 billion) were distributed along with a matching 3 billion from the founders tokens.
  • In addition, there is a lock on 50% of the remaining founder token supply in effect.
  • Completion of Year 1 – 40% unlocked
  • Completion of Year 2 – 40% unlocked
  • Completion of Year 3 – 10% unlocked
  • Completion of Year 4 – 10% unlocked

These are the wallet addresses of the tokens we have pledged to not touch, they are all now in cold storage and will remain there at least until their lock date.

  • 0x73d644a766591add195443d58eaaa704d48ced12  March 2019
  • 0x932c8ffa0c278b7c454d0186f7fa543c9533e8f5  March 2020
  • 0x2f951e5d4cf261f317a41e81185d850feaa2b7a4  March 2021
  • 0x432789f893984347e68c193aacbd3a3b1207f753  March 2022

Does the Dropil team have any price predictions?

We have all been active in crypto long enough to know that long-term predictions are less of predictions and they are more accurately wild guesses. We have long and short-term plans to deliver the best value we can, which will create demand and customer loyalty. In addition, we have an aggressive roadmap of improvements to launch. Given all of this, we feel as members of the company it would be irresponsible for us to speculate on future value other than say we see a great future for Drops.

Are there any benefits if I refer people?

Sometimes we run promotions and bonuses. To see current active programs visit our promotions page


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