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Dropil Direct Overview

Dropil Direct is our latest release that streamlines the process of acquiring and utilizing Drops allowing purchases directly from your portal. Eligible users will be allowed to purchase up to $5k USD per day with a monthly limit of $25k per eligible user. As users purchase Drops through Dropil Direct, the purchasing funds are then cycled back to external exchanges and new Drops purchased directly by Dropil. This means no more browsing order books, checking volume, or wondering about liquidity when trying to acquire Drops.


Note: Until further notice, US customers will neither be provided access to nor be able to participate in the Dropil Direct service

Getting Started

Once you have signed into your Dropil account, you can access Dropil Direct through the header in the Dropil Home portal.

After clicking the Deposit/Get Drops button, you will see the option to either deposit Drops directly from an external wallet or use Dropil Direct. Navigate over to the Dropil Direct button to get started.

Enter Purchase Amount

Once you are on the Dropil Direct screen, you will see the option to choose what coin you want to use for your purchase. We offer Bitcoin, Ethereum, and USD Coin (USDC) for purchases done through Dropil Direct. After selecting a coin, enter the amount you want to purchase on the left side, and an equivalent amount of Drops will display on the right side along with the conversion rate through Dropil Direct. Keep in mind that there is a small premium when compared to exchanges to account for slippage and fees.

Depositing Coins

After you have chosen how many Drops you want to purchase, the next screen will display the amount of your chosen coin that you must send as well as the address and a QR code linking to that address to make your deposit. If you use the QR code, the appropriate deposit amount will automatically fill on your wallet. Please remember to send the exact after fees when making a deposit.

  •  If you do not send enough, you will have to create a second transaction to complete your deposit but you may only send one transaction at a time.
  • If you send too much, create a ticket and we can refund the excess amount sent. 

You will see a timer start. If your transaction doesn’t show up on the network within an hour it is canceled. The price being offered is subject to change if you start over.

Completing the Transaction

Your deposit status will update in real time and show as Complete once the required amount of confirmations are received.

The minimum required confirmations for a transaction to show complete are as follows:

  • 12 confirmations for Ethereum & USDC
  • 2 confirmations for Bitcoin

After all necessary confirmations are confirmed, your Drops will be available and the transaction will appear in your transaction history as “Buy Drops”.

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