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Welcome to Insights (AKA Secret Sauce)

Here is a taste of the secret sauce that helps make Dropil such a tasty product.  In this initial version of “Dropil Insights” we have three primary sections, Under the Hood, Dex Overview, and Drops Token Market Watch, which we will go over in more detail below.

This is just another stepping stone in our on-going commitment to our users to offer ever-improving transparency and enhanced value.  This dashboard offers not only great insight, it also functions well as a desktop ticker thanks to the Market Watch section, which automatically updates every few seconds along with the rest of the dashboard so that you always have the most up to date information at your fingertips.

Dashboard Header

Here you will be able to tweak the settings to be displayed by selecting a time period and preferred currency from the header.  Selecting Today (last 24hrs,) Week, or Month will change the many of the stats displayed across the dashboard. The following tiles’ blue values are affected by switching the time period: New Users / With Referrals; Pool Performance; Total Paid Out; Positive / Negative Closes; Volume. The percentages displayed in red or green will also update according to the selected time period. If you select Today, it will show today’s value compared to the value 24 hours ago. If you choose week, it will show the week value compared to the value 7 days ago, and the same for month, except 30 days instead.  You can also toggle the currency you wish to see calculations equated to for the dashboard from the dropdown list located to the far right in the header. We have included the top 25 fiat currencies of the world plus the most important, Bitcoin of course.

Under the Hood:

This section contains information about the full Dropil ecosystem which currently is made up of Dex, Dropil, and Arthur platforms.  This will expand in the future as new services are added.

Total in Dropil – This represents the sum value of all Drops currently stored on the platform including portal wallets, Dex, and Arthur contributions which are then displayed in selected currency equivalent based on the 24-hour average Drops market price.

The other tiles in this section are pretty self-explanatory so we won’t go into detail on those.

Dex Overview:

This section shows a breakdown of what Dex is up to and how users are interacting and benefiting from Dex – ranging from how the system is allocating funds, to payouts that have taken place over the selected time frame.

Total Dex Funds –  This tracks the sum of assets being actively traded by Dex across all bots in the Dex system. This number is calculated by summing the total Drops users have deposited in Dex and converting it to USD (or whatever currency you specified) equivalent based on the current 24-hour average Drops price. Not all funds may be used in an open position at all times, but this represents the total amount of capital that Dex can and will work with at any given moment. Dex re-balances and re-evaluates the amount of funds he works with frequently and adds from the Dropil bank or removes from the Dex funds as needed.

Total Paid Out – Everyone’s favorite information tile!  This shows the equivalent of the payouts Dex has made out, plus a running all time pay out shown as “Total Paid Out.”

Pool Performance – This tile shows the respective performance for each of the three possible risk strategies which the Dex platform separates trading pools into. To learn more about the pools, see our risk article

Pool Distributions – This shows the current value in each of the pools being traded by the Dex platform.

Funds Allocation – These are the currencies the various bots are trading including a breakdown of the allocation of the top three coins.  The remainder, shown here as “Other,” changes what coin or coins are being traded day to day.

Bots / Logic Nodes – These tiles give insight to the number of bots and logic nodes that are inactive or active.  Depending on the market conditions, other active trades, funds available, and overall Dex strategies, certain bots and/or logic nodes are automatically (and sometimes manually) toggled on or off by the Dex system. More on this can be found in our How Dex works article

Positive / Negative Closes – This displays the number of closed trades made that are categorized as either negative or positive.  A positive trade is any trade that makes a positive amount, but also includes any trade that closed above -0.5% PNL as well as these are, for our purposes, not considered a loss.  A negative trade is one where an actual loss was realized.

Drops Token Market Watch:

This section displays all the current statistics for Dropil’s token, Drops, including current price average, market cap and trading volume. Most of these statistics are pulled from Coin Market Cap and are here for your reference.

Market Price – This tile displays in blue the weighted average price pulled from CoinMarketCap, and as such does not factor in decentralized exchanges.

24 Hour Average – This shows the 24-hour price average in blue, and is the same price that is used in the Dex portal for all Drop price calculations.

Market Cap / Rank – Here you will find Dropil’s rank and market cap as reported on CoinMarketCap.

Volume –  You will find the total volume of Drop tokens traded according to CoinMarketCap, and as such does not factor in decentralized exchanges.

Circulating / Total Supply – This tile is informed by CoinMarketCap as well showing the total and circulating supply of Drop tokens. The total supply will always be 30 Billion tokens.

As always, we thank you all for your continued support while we grow Dropil and work on making the entire ecosystem the best possible product.

Gain access to the insights dashboard by navigating to https://insights.dropil.com/


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