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Dropil Paper Wallet

Paper wallets are a secure way to physically store and utilize cryptocurrencies without the need to store your keys on a device that can potentially be compromised. There are a number of uses for paper wallets such as giving gifts, accepting payments by using only a public key and storing public and private keys offline just to name a few.

Select the “Get Started” button to begin creating your own personalized paper cryptocurrency wallet.

Choosing Your Robot

There are three main themes users can choose from to represent their paper wallets. These themes are based on the Dropil robots Dex, Arthur, and Max. It does not matter which robot you choose, so feel free

Selecting A Design

There are different design options to suit your needs.

  • Public Wallet -In a public wallet, the private key is excluded from the wallet, intended exclusively for deposits to this address. The private key would be kept somewhere else and used only when funds need to be taken out of the account.
  • Private Wallet – A private wallet shows the private key and the QR code for that key. This type of wallet can be given as a gift (giving the person the private key allows them to gain access to their gift). You can also choose the multi-wallet option which allows for the display of private and public keys on the same paper wallet. 
  • Multi-Wallet – By selecting the multi-wallet box, users can mix and match currencies and display up to three wallets on one paper wallet.

Selecting a Currency

Depending on the wallet selected, the Currency page will give users the options to either input their own cryptocurrency by selecting “Enter Manually” or by choosing from a preselected list of coins and tokens. For many of the major coins, Dropil can generate a brand new wallet with a new private key if you select “Generate wallet address for me.” Unfortunately, this cannot be done for all coins, but if your coin disappears when asking for an address to be generated, you can still enter your own wallet keys to be printed with your paper wallet.

Your Wallet Keys

Depending on your selected settings, your public and/or private keys will show here. If we did not generate keys for you, please enter your keys here to continue. To enable/disable view of your private key, use the “Show Key?” toggle button.

When clicking Next on the page with your keys, you will be prompted to ensure you have saved your keys if you are not saving them to your Dropil account. Use the Wait! Button if you need to go back and review them, otherwise select Continue.

Saving Your Wallet

The final page is where you can choose to either download your wallet as a high definition image file or store it within the Dropil portal for your account. We do not save your wallet unless you choose to log in and save it, and any wallets stored on our servers are encrypted. Immediately after your wallet has been generated it is to be put to good use!

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