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Subscriptions Overview

We offer three tiers of subscription for the majority of our services/products at Dropil. The different subscription levels are designed to cater to different users based on their needs. Starting with the Basic plan and moving through to Plus and finally to Pro, individuals can choose from differing levels of access from free to unlimited paid access to Arthur and Max. Jade will be a separate subscription and is not covered under these plans. The Plus and Pro plans are eligible to be paid on a monthly or yearly basis. Users who elect for yearly billing receive a discount equivalent to two months of services free.

Basic (Free)

The Basic subscription is free to all users. It grants access to Arthur and Max. The Basic subscription comes with all the features listed below:


  • Monitor up to 5 exchanges
  • Configure up to 3 signals
  • Maximum 10 uses of each of the cash in/out features each month


  • Use of 1 internal and one remote wallet for each coin
  • Monitor up to 3 remote wallets
  • Configure 1 recurring transaction

Plus ($7 per month or $70 per year)

The Plus plan exists for intermediate users who have greater needs than the Basic plan covers. In addition to everything in the Basic subscription, Plus users also have access to the following:


  • Monitor an unlimited number of exchanges
  • Configure up to 25 personalized signals
  • Unlimited use of cash in/out feature
  • Access to “any of my exchanges” and “any of my coins” option for configured signals


  • 3 of each internal and remote wallet for each coin
  • Monitor up to 10 remote wallets
  • Configure 5 recurring transactions

Pro ($15 per month or $150 per year)

The Pro subscription is our most powerful plan for advanced users with heavy demand for Dropil services. Subscribing to this plan gives you access to everything the Dex, Max, and Arthur systems have to offer with no limitations.


  • Unlimited access to all features


  • Unlimited access to all features


Which plan is right for you?

This is entirely dependant on how you intend on using the Dropil platform. If you only wish to passively use Dropil services, you may want to stick with the Basic plan. If you are frequently looking to cash in/out or want to take greater advantage of signals offered from Arthur, you may want to consider the Plus subscription. If you are a power user with a number of wallets spread all over and you want extensive updates from Arthur on market conditions and price changes, consider the Pro option.

What if I need to change my subscription?

You can easily upgrade or downgrade your subscription from within your Dropil Home settings if you find yourself having too many or too few features. You will not be re-billed if downgrading your subscription and you will retain access to your plan through the remainder of your term. Users who choose the Plus and Pro plans are billed monthly starting from their initial purchase. If you are upgrading from Plus to Pro, your cost will be prorated for the remainder of your current period.

How often am I billed?

Users who choose the Plus and Pro plans are billed monthly starting from their initial purchase. Users who select yearly payments are billed once a year on the same day each year.

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