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Community plays an important role in the development of a cryptocurrency project. We realize the importance of community, and that is why we have rules in place to ensure proper conduct among Dropil channels, and most specifically Telegram. Telegram allows users to interact with other token holders, potential holders, and the Dropil team directly, and we expect all group members to be treated with respect.

Proper Channel Conduct

Below are rules of conduct for how we would like Telegram users to interact with each other so that we can foster a productive and helpful environment:

  • Respect all other users
  • Disagreements and constructive criticism are acceptable, baseless FUD is not
  • No referral links unless requested by another member 
  • No nudity or links to pornographic images or videos
  • We do not have an issue with general profanity, but please refrain from excess use
  • Do not talk bad about other projects, this even extends to Dropil’s competition
  • Try to keep the focus on Dropil, not other projects. If you would like to discuss another project with someone, please private message them.
  • Avoid spamming too many gifs/images at one time, especially if there is serious discussion happening

There are many different types of conversations happening daily with people of different backgrounds. While this isn’t a “rule,” we do ask that you try to “read the room” when interacting with the channel. If serious questions are being asked, those users are hoping for serious answers. If people are cracking up and having fun, it’s okay to be a little more lighthearted in what you share. We want everyone to have fun and enjoy our channel while still allowing it to be an avenue where questions can be asked and answered by the community and the admins.

The official admins and moderators of the Telegram channel are listed below. If you receive a message from someone claiming to be part of Dropil please verify that their telegram display names and usernames match the admins in the channel. We will never ask you for coins or tokens.

Jeremy McAlpine: @jmcalpine
Zachary Matar: @zmatar
Patrick O’Hara: @PatrickDropil
Reggie: @reggieflexoffenher
Vanko: @Vanko
Kirk: @CryptoSuave


If you receive a message from someone claiming to be an administrator and asking for coins or tokens, please report them and block them.

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